NFT: from digital to real? The crazy bet of Expo Beeple

From screen to reality – Winter precedes spring, and the most dynamic prepare for the return of good weather. In the midst of bear markets, the artist Beeple builds a space that will give new life to works of art NFT.

Beeple takes NFTs out of screens

Now is the time to BUILD “. Beeple’s message is clear. In his tweet of October 13, the artist shared a video that shows, in accelerated, the progress of the development of a warehouse that will serve ” point of sale » for the works of Beeple, and those of « the entire digital art / NFT community “.

Beeple wants to build a bridge between digital and physical art. The studio being developed will help show people that an NFT artwork can be ” shared and enjoyed in real life », and not only on the screens.

Publication of Beeple – Source: Twitter

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An exhibition place for the sale of NFT

This Beeple initiative, which will bring together the work of several artists in one place, aims to attract “ collectors who have probably heard of NFTs without necessarily understanding them.

The arrival of a new wave of collectors should make it possible to reproduce the initial “boom” of NFTs, when the first buyers decided to support the work of pioneering artists in the web3.

This building, which will serve as a place of exhibition and sale of NFT works in the physical world, can thus play the role of lever to relaunch the dynamic in an industry, which is also a victim of bear markets.

The crypto winter of 2022 will have seen the plunge in trading volumes on NFT platforms, but also the launch or realization of projects that fuel the digital art growth on the long term. With its future studio, Beeple contributes to the sustainability and development of this artistic movement, just like Artpoint which intends to transform the street into an NFT art gallery.

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