NFT Lacoste: which crocodile will you be?

Ten years spent in the river don’t make a crocodile out of a trunk – The NFT craze had its heyday. An explosion by nature ephemeral which undoubtedly owed its power to the false promise of instant fortune more than to a real passion for art and pixels. Since then, the global crypto market has delivered its verdict. Every day, natural selection leaves many meaningless projects on the shelf. A thorough cleaning that has the advantage of highlighting the real initiatives with high added value. We were talking about it at the beginning of the summer, the brand Lacoste had also taken the plunge with its NFT UNDW3 collection. An incursion into crypto land from which the crocodile returns today as the winner, arms full of digital gifts.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Lacoste.

Genesis buyers rewarded

The first collection Lacoste had already been quite popular. At the beginning of the summer, when the crypto market was in crisis, and ethereum at less than $1000, the crocodile brand had pulled off a real coup. More than 11,000 NFTs quickly found buyers, recognizing the strong complementarity of the fashion and luxury industries with blockchain technology. It’s a fact, in one year, almost all the major textile brands have entered the crypto ecosystem, with undeniable success to date.

Today, holders of the Genesis Pass linked to this first series benefit from an exclusive drop. A new collection which is strictly reserved for them called “The Emerge”. The operation aims to distribute 11212 “PFP” (Profile Pictures) to the owners of the precious sesame. NFT avatars which will make it possible to display their status as original supporters on all digital environments, but perhaps also, and this is the whole point of the matter, to provide them with privileges which promise to be as lucrative as they are decisive, judge instead.

The benefits of PFPs

That’s all there the magic of the NFT format. A singularity that allows you to associate abilities and other advantages with certain exclusive aesthetic traits. And in terms of possibilities associated with a particular design, “The Emerge” is not left out.

Twitter announcing the creation of PFPs

Thus, four of the attributes specific to these unique avatars were submitted and voted on by the community:

  • A complete set making tribute to René Lacostethe founder of the brand
  • A type of skin called the “galaxy skin”
  • The “tennis bag” as an accessory
  • The “croco gold chain” as a jewel

It’s very beautiful! (that’s the case to say …). But the interest would be altogether limited if these characteristic features were only visual details. Lacoste has therefore decided to grant powers to some of them. Thus, 250 PFPs will possess a particular common trait which will give access to all Lacoste private sales and exclusives. Another 100 will allow you to receive the Genesis polo shirt made for the first UNDW3 evening which took place on the Champs Elysée last July.

NFTs to unite a community

Like other major brands, Lacoste has understood the interest of this “non-fungible” digital format. Generations after generations, youth is definitely the heart of the target. A hyper-connected public, fond of new technologies and images. Fans who want access to exclusive content and innovative experiences. Hence the interest of projects such as UNDW3 that offer decisive benefits to their community over time. And of course, this first drop is only the first of a long list.

The NFT Lacoste project announces major steps to come

Already, the launch of the first collection had exceeded all objectives, and today we can see the first concrete positive effects of this initial distribution. For example, the community takes a prominent place. It is thus at the origin of certain remarkable aspects of ” The Emerge“. But if you are attentive, you will quickly notice that Lacoste does not intend to stop there. Indeed, the roadmap is particularly generous. Many other drops, derivative products, experiences stamped Metaverse, the list of specific privileges linked to these digital sesames is set to grow in the near future.

Whether you are a fashion victim or a convinced cryptophile, Lacoste intends to seduce you with its UNDW3 project. A new kind of loyalty card, the NFT opens the doors to a demanding and passionate community. It is this Thursday that Lacoste will announce the time of the reveal designs for a Rug Radio “twitter space” hosted by Farokh, well known to the NFT ecosystem. But if you don’t feel like waiting to join the club, go to the discord en of the project where you can chat with other crocodile enthusiasts.

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