NFT: Opensea puts user experience first – Arbitrum joins its ranks

Full aheadOpenSea unveils new features relating to the drops of NFT and the integration ofArbitration for the benefit of creators and collectors.

A better NFT drops interface on OpenSea

OpenSea removes certain commercial and technical barriers related to NFT drops. In a communicated of September 19, the platform informed the creators, of a new initiative. This innovation allows them to offer a better user experience when it comes to distributing their NFTs to collectors.

Creators will have a dedicated and customizable drop page to launch their NFTs. They will have the opportunity to share images, videos, present their team or even detail their roadmap.

Dedicated and customizable NFT drop page launched by OpenSea – Source: OpenSea

These pages will also contain information about the drop, such as “the minting calendar, a countdown timer and, of course, an NFT gallery”. On the collectors side, the new drop pages will allow them to set up alerts by e-mail. They will thus avoid missing an important minting date.

OpenSea thus makes new marketing and commercial tools available to creators in order to optimize their sales. But the platform goes further to attract talent.

She offers them a new smart contract secure open source named after “SeaDrop”. This saves creators the complex technical steps involved in creating their own personalized contracts, for example, to carry out multi-phase drops.

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Arbitrum NFTs come on board in a bearish backdrop

After Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Polygon (MATIC) and Klaytn (KLAY), the ship is sailing on new waters. In a tweet on September 20, OpenSea announced theArbitrum integrationthe second layer solution of Ethereum, to its platform.

OpenSea announces the integration of Arbitrum – Source: Twitter

Integration was scheduled for the next day, September 21. A deployment that should see, initially, the arrival of popular collections, like the NFT Smolverse, GMX Blueberry Club and Diamond Pepes.

A major platform thus opens its doors to NFTs hosted on Arbitrum. They are currently mostly exposed on relatively small marketplaces, such as Stratos and Agora. OpenSea could benefit from the arrival of some NFTs on Arbitrum, which record high trading volumes.

Collections, such as Seed of Life, whose total trading volumes have exceeded $11 million, could help the platform to turn around its performance in the short term, in the current bearish environment.

Monthly NFT trading volume on OpenSea
Monthly NFT trading volume on OpenSea – Source: Dune Analytics

Indeed, OpenSea has seen its monthly trading volumes fall significantly recently. January’s record high of $4.8 billion this year now seems a long way off. The volumes of september have returned to very low levels which correspond to those of summer 2021.

OpenSea continues to move forward. It’s the only way to stay one step ahead of your competitors. The platform is suffering from the decline in trading volumes in the sector. However, the context should improve, according to the words of this NFT maximalist.

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