NFT: OpenSea’s CFO jumps out of the boat in the middle of a storm

Fewer waves, more stability? – OpenSea is witnessing the departure of its financial director, who will not have sailed on NFT waters with the companythan for less than a year.

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Back on the ground for this director of OpenSea

He took over as the company’s chief financial officer last December. Brian Roberts won’t be on board the ship for long. In publication on LinkedIn on October 8, the former chief financial officer of OpenSea announces his departure. The man feels it’s time for him ” to come back to earth “.

Apart from the usual courtesies, seasoned with thanks and special mentions to certain collaborators, without forgetting to share his optimistic vision of the future of the NFT platform, Brian Roberts did not provide no explanation about this decision, which comes only about ten months after taking office.

In any case, the bear markets have seen both layoffs and resignations of executives from web3 companies. From a financial point of view, the crypto winter has not spared NFT platforms, including OpenSea, which has seen its trading volumes fall 90% between January and August of this year.

From now on, Brian Robert will therefore observe from the mainland, the difficulties that OpenSea will eventually encounter, as well as its successes in the realization of its development projects, like its conquest of the NFTs of layer 2 of Optimism.

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