NFT: Twitter will make it possible to view, buy and sell digital works

The development department of Twitter has unveiled a future function of the social application to the bluebird which is definitely a lot of talk about it this week. It will soon be possible for users to view NFTs directly on Twitter, but also to acquire them in one click.

Twitter continues its NFT adventure

This is – obviously – with a tweet that Twitter’s Development Department unveiled future options for NFTs to increasingly become part of the user experience on the network.

“Under testing: NFT Tweet Tiles. Links to NFTs on Rarible, MagicEden, Dapperlabs and Jumptradenft. Coming soon viewing a larger image of the NFT along with details like title and creator and details like title and creator. Another step in our journey to empower developers to impact the Tweet experience. »

baptized NFT Tweet Tiles this new functionality will make it possible to view an NFT, but also (and probably above all) to buy and sell digital works. As reported by Decrypt, this innovation, which is currently being tested with a small panel of users, already allows interactions with the Rarible and Magic Eden Dapperlab marketplaces, as well as with JumpTradeNFT, a player specializing in the sports field.

Ethereum, Solana, Flow, Polygon, Tezos, and Immutable X are already supported, and Twitter Dev pointed out that other networks would be welcome once a partnership agreement is in place.

After allowing the use of NFTs as a profile picture, revealing that the application was working on an integrated crypto wallet prototype, what will be the next step for Twitter on the Web3 continent, even as the Elon Musk era begins?

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