Putin grants Russian citizenship to Edward Snowden

On the fringes of a war that escalates a little more every day, the Kremlin has just granted Russian citizenship at Edward Snowden. This decision comes 9 years after the former CIA agent and NSA consultant was granted asylum in Russia.

It’s the news agency Reuters who took down the name of whistleblower on an official decree. This oukaze draw it up listing over 70 foreigners able to obtain Russian citizenship.

Edward Snowden: traitor for some, hero for others

Snowden is being sued by the US government for providing more than a million confidential documents to different media. Indeed, on June 6, 2013, The Guardian began to reveal the details of the spy programs of the NSA.

The revelations of alert launcher were then reviewed and published by numerous international media. They concern the different monitoring programs US intelligence agencies – and their partners.

Edward Snowden

Snowden was charged with spying, flight and illegal use of government property June 22, 2013. Incurring a 30-year prison sentence, he managed to go into exile in Hong Kongthen to Moscow. He obtained temporary asylum there, then the right of residence the following year, and finally permanent residence in October 2020.

Snowden is considered a traitor by the American authorities. For advocates of online privacy and anonymity, he is a hero. In particular, he revealed that he participated in the creation ceremony of the genesis block of Zcash. Likewise, he ferociously opposes the development of MNBC.

A poisoned gift?

Edward Snowden therefore acquires the Russian citizenship in a geopolitical context particularly tense. A gift from the Kremlin that the US authorities may not like it, presidential pardon having already been denied. ofafter his lawyer, Anatoli Koutcherena, he will not be affected by the partial mobilization declared by Putin, having never served in the Russian army.

Snowden said acquiring his prized passport will bring more stability for his family, while also calling for more privacy.

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