Ripple and Cardano: the crypto underdogs stick together

A blur without a plot – The co-founder of Cardano (ADA), Charles Hoskinsonhad recently strong exchanges with the Ethereum Classic community (ETC). He was entitled, this time, to the anger of part of the community Ripple (XRP)who did not appreciate his explanations about the legal battle between the project and the SEC.

Conspiracy theories: the Ripple community against the boss of Cardano

He offended sensibilities, without doing it on purpose. During his recent intervention, Charles Hoskinson had drawn the wrath of certain supporters of the XRP, rejecting the hypothesis according to which, the corruption would be the main reason that would motivate the SEC to sue Ripple.

The co-founder of Cardano rather believes that the regulator is targeting cryptocurrencies because of the lack of regulatory clarity as well as the narrow framework that frames the work of the agency.

Although these explanations are in no way an attack on Ripple and indeed Charles Hoskinson explicitly stated on Twitter that “The whole XRP thing shouldn’t have happened”the strong supporters of cryptocurrency did not take offinsisting on the existence of corruption that would affect the decisions of the SEC.

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Ripple co-founder calms things down: SEC is the common enemy

The co-founder and executive chairman of Ripple, Chris Larsenwho reacted to statements by Charles Hoskinson, tried to ease tensions.

He has declared that he shared the opinion from the co-founder of Cardano regarding the lack of regulatory clarity, on how cryptocurrencies are categorized and used in the United States. The SEC would then use this vagueness to “bring all cryptocurrencies into its scope”.

The legal battle between Ripple and the SEC drags on

Chris Larsen also had flattering words about the work of the co-founder of Cardanowho would have played a “key role” in initiatives aimed at reconciling cryptocurrencies and ecological issues.

The co-founder of Ripple particularly highlighted the research that Charles Hoskinson has done and his achievements in terms of developing code for the benefit of useful proof of work. This algorithm should make it possible to make the Bitcoin (BTC) carbon neutral.

Beyond these theoretical discussions on whether or not the SEC’s complaint against Ripple is well founded, the last word will belong to justice. Both parties submitted a motion for summary judgmenta move that could herald the end of this legal tussle that has been going on for almost two years.

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