Robinhood Wallet: the new crypto wallet hosted by Polygon

Cryptos finally free – The online broker robinhood had disappointed the crypto community by offering its first wallet of cryptocurrencies in a vacuum. Understand that the digital assetssuch as bitcoins (BTC) and ethers (ETH), were there captives, without the possibility of being withdrawn to an external wallet. In September 2021, Robinhood therefore announced the launch ofa wallet that would allow such exchanges. The big day seems to have arrived, and the network polygon (MATIC) is in the spotlight.

Robinhood Wallet opens to 10,000 more customers

Since the shares HOOD of his company are listed on the NASDAQ stock exchangethe brokerage platform Robinhood experienced highs and lows. But this specialist in retail investors has always been careful to grow and evolve its activity relating to cryptocurrencies.

After phases of alpha and beta testing, Robinhood will now open its new web wallet 3which will finally allow entries and exits of crypto-assets, from and to external wallets broker services.

In publication published on its blog this September 27, 2022, Robinhood announced that it would allow 10,000 customers to use. After the 1,000 first lucky ones at the start of the year, these are those who pre-registered last May. This digital wallet will simply be called “Robinhood Wallet”.

Robinhood Wallet opens to 10,000 more customers

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Formerly stuck cryptos that will frolic on Polygon

To perform cryptocurrency exchanges from this new wallet, Robinhood relied (initially) on the blockchain of polygon. The low costs of transaction and the strong throughput capacity of transactions seem to explain the choice of the MATIC network.

“We are thrilled to be working with Polygon, the first blockchain network that Robinhood Wallet supports. We chose Polygon because of its scalability, speed, low network fees, and strong developer ecosystem, to provide one of the best trading experiences for clients. »

Robinhood Statement

The Robinhood teams, however, specify that their portfolio will eventually be “multi-channel”that is, it will support “a large number of blockchains”in their own words.

As with stock market stocks, Robinhood wants simplify as much as possible the trading of crypto-assets to make them “accessible to all”. And to make it even easier for Robinhood customers, the platform has just added (just a week ago) the Circle dollar stablecoin, USDC.

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