Ruined Celsius: Did the rats leave the ship before it even sank?

After Do Kwon (Terra), trials for Celsius? – More the procedure of bankruptcy of the former Celsius lending service advance, and the greater the magnitude of the scandal increase. We now learn that 3 of its main leaders would have plundered the coffers of 42 million dollarseven before announcing the first difficulties of the company.

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Did Mashinsky and his Celsius acolytes help themselves before sinking their box?

We are beginning to better understand why the judicial liquidators of Celsius kindly, but insistently, pushed Alex Mashinsky to resign from his position as CEO of the crypto-lending company.

Indeed, as the reports including CoinDesk, the individual and two of his associates would have handsomely served in the cash register in May 2022. Knowing that the first serious difficulties of Celsius did not surface until mid-June, with the announcement of the user cryptocurrencies freeze.

The financial difficulties of Celsius would be the consequences of the thefts of its CEO and his acolytes.

Former CEO Alex Mashinsky, ex-CSO Daniel Leon (strategy director) and the CTO Nuke Goldstein (technical director) are accused of removing large amounts of bitcoins (BTC),ethers (ETH), stablecoins USDC and tokens CEL of Celsius before the disaster that led to bankruptcy.

Alex Mashinsky would therefore have withdrawn $ 10 million in May 2022. Daniel Leon would have taken about $7 million of it with an additional $4 million in CEL. Nuke Goldstein would have taken $13 million from him, and nearly $8 million more in CEL. A jackpot totaling 42 million dollars!

The Celsius affair is turning more and more to disaster, and its aggrieved users see their cryptos moving away ineluctably. Will Mashinsky and his two acolytes remain at the disposal of justice, or will they try to run away like Do Kwnon of the Terra project, to avoid being arrested.

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