Self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto loses (again) in court, against Hodlonaut

“Craig Wright is a fraud. » – It is for this previous sentence that the nicknamed Hodlonautfan of the truth Bitcoin (BTC) before the Lord, has been tirelessly tracked down (privacy violated) then threatens judicially by the principal BSV project support : Craig S. Wright (CSW). All this so that, finally, it is the complaint of Hodlonaut who is detention against CSW.

Hodlonaut’s tweets earned him legal threats from Craig Wright

The case goes back more than 3 and a half years, in March-April 2019. Through several tweets, the nicknamed Hodlonaut (to the profile featuring an astronaut cat, below) asserted that Craig Wright was not Satoshi Nakamotothe founder of Bitcoin. Here are a few, jumbled up:

“Craig Wright is a very sad and pathetic hustler. With obvious mental problems. (…)”

“In tribute to Craig Wright, who is an impostor, I will make next week ‘Craig Wright is a fraud week’. I will tag all my tweets with #CraighWrightIsAFraud. Do not hesitate to join these festivities. »

The main interested party did not like it at all get trickedeven if – in fact – he did not never brought the proofs (at least, of the true ones) that he is indeed Satoshi (hence his nickname of Faketoshi). Craig Wright has therefore sent his lawyers hot on the heels of Hodlonaut – his real name: Magnus Granath.

Already in 2019, “we were all Hodlonaut”. (#WeAreAllHodlonaut)

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The astronaut cat strikes back: CSW loses the case!

But the camp of the amateurs of Bitcoingathered behind Hodlonaut, was this time too exasperated by the behavior of Craig Wright. They did not allow his judicial whims to pass. This is how the self-proclaimed Satoshi found himself, by flashback, on the bench of accused.

On October 20, 2022, the judgement on this case was therefore decided by the Norwegian court of the Oslo District Court. Judge Helen Engebrigtsen abounds in the sense of the plaintiff (Hodlonaut therefore):

“(…) The court finds that Magnus Granath had sufficient factual basis to affirm that Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto in March 2019. Wright presented a controversial claim, and must deal with criticism from his opponents. Overall, the court finds that Granath’s wording and assertions do not exceed the threshold of defamation (…). statements [d’Hodlonaut] are not illegal. »

In light of this trial, the lack of concrete evidence and the sacred pedigree of false evidence/falsifications presented by Craig Wright during his many trials, to say that he is ” an impostor “ claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto is not in no way reprehensible. Little icing on the cake against this big procedural, CSW will have to cover court costs of Hodlonaut. They amount all the same to a little more than 4 million NOK (about 385,000 euros).

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