Sony is preparing for the NFT and blockchain gaming age

The emergence of blockchain-based games — What if, after a rocky beginning, there was no turning back in the competition for web 3 games? What if, following the bull run in NFTs, it was the gaming community on the blockchain that was looking forward to seeing us in a few months or years? The developers of video games, such as Sony, who is responsible for predicting the future, appear to be giving the matter considerable consideration in any event. Every last particular

When it comes to Sony, video games are at the top of the food chain.

Despite the fact that a well-known Pokemon brand appears to be joining the NFT dance in turn, the time for hedging has come to an end. Although while no game developer has made a public statement about their interest in the blockchain industry, it is abundantly evident that this is exactly what they have in mind behind the scenes. They are prepared to act in response when the excitement that the general public has for the sector surges over it. But at that time, even in a sector of the industry as cutthroat as video games, you won’t necessarily have to fall behind the competition.

Are Sony’s players prepared to enter the era of non-fungible tokens and blockchain technology?

The creators of the Playstation, the tech giant Sony, are well aware of this fact. In addition, its goals can be deduced from the information that was disclosed in his most recent patent application. The content of this report, which was submitted in September of last year, was only recently made public, and the information it contains is fresh.

“NFT framework for moving and utilising digital objects across a variety of game platforms.

(…) the digital object can be used through the NFT, as well as through a number of video games and a variety of platforms or gaming consoles.

Are players, thanks to NFT, finally able to take control of the game?

As a result, Sony intends to exploit NFT’s capabilities to their utmost potential. To be more specific, this symbol represents ownership of digital things within the game in all of its guises.

Avatars or characters from the game; Weapons or other items that are helpful in the game; Unique talents or capabilities…

In a nutshell, everything and everything is conceivable. And maybe most importantly, possibly portable from one game to another, from one platform to another, and even from one system to another… After this update, gamers will be able to save the assets they’ve gathered and improved over the course of their many hours spent playing and use them across many platforms. Even to negotiate with them, given that it is about NFT. What would that look like in actual life?

Imagine if you could switch from your PlayStation 5 to your Switch console by simply using your Xbox. Make it possible for your characters to move about the blockchain, your virtual reality headset, your smart TV, and your console all at the same time… In a nutshell, it looks like the world of gaming is suddenly heading in the direction of an exciting future. Yet there is still a lot of work to be done on everything. And we still have a lot of work to do to win over the players, many of whom have shown some resistance to the intrusion of their makers into this emerging field of technology.

This is not Sony’s first foray into the world of blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFT). The well-known video game manufacturer plans to be the first to successfully introduce the innovative idea of web 3-based games to the 112 million people who own Playstations. Would web 3 be able to establish digital bridges between the many consoles in the world of video games, which is notorious for its tendency to develop in closed environments and avoid mixing different types of games?

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