Starbucks unveils its NFT platform: a strong coffee bet?

An NFT with your macchiato? – Starbucks spear officially his Odyssey », with its new NFT platform planned for the end of the year. The brand had already displayed its ambitions around non-fungible tokens last May. It is now taking a further step towards this technology and wishes to direct it towards its customers.

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Thanks to Starbucks NFTs, benefits and exclusives

The brand has fully understood the commercial issues related to “web 3”. This is why it continues in the direction traced a few years ago. The company is studying current blockchain use cases for a while now and wants his share of the cookie.

To achieve this, we will expand the framework of what it means for people to be a member of the Starbucks community, adding new concepts such as ownership and membership models established on the community that we see developing in the web3. »

Brady Brewer, Starbucks Marketing Director

Brady Brewer had already prepared the ground with investors last May, as reported TechCrunch. Starbucks is therefore considering a loyalty model client through the blockchain. To make it more participatory and interactive.

On the menu: reductions, exclusives and economic incentives for the most diligent. Starbucks sees this as a tool to build even greater customer loyalty.

The brands are increasingly interested in this lever, both economic and marketing, to renew ” customer experience .

A waiting list went online this morning to register and get a chance to be among the first to ” experience this new digital community”. The art direction related to the NFTs has not yet been mentioned, but apparently the collections are “agnostic” and “multi-chain”.

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