Tezos: a new update successfully deployed – Kathmandu finally on the mainnet

Tezos reaches a new milestone – After Jakarta, Tezos (XTZ) put it online Kathmandu update on the mainnet to increase the scaling capabilities of the blockchain, while introducing other testnet and security related features.

Kathmandu: three months of waiting and finally deployed

It took less than three months. Contributors from Tezos and development companies, including Nomadic Labs, had proposed initially the upgrade Kathmandu in the month of July of this year. The proposal on paper became reality.

In a tweet from September 23 Last, the Tezos team announced the Kathmandu rollout on the mainnet the same day, at block 2,736,129.

The Kathmandu update finally arrives on the Tezos mainnet – Source: Twitter

The day before the operation, the co-founder of Tezos, Kathleen Breitman, chatted with Bloomberg’s Emily Change, about this upgrade. She then mentioned the ease of deployment updates on Tezos. From the start, the developers would have built the network in such a way as to simplify the integration of future improvements.

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Tezos in the field of scaling

This 11th update, since the creation of Tezos in 2018, aims to improve scalability of the blockchain. The proposal, published in July, indicated adding support for off-chain computation, using second-layer solutions, such as optimized rollups.

Kathmandu also marks the first steps towards a block pipeline validation on Tezos to improve transactional throughput, without compromising blockchain security. Pipelining streamlines the block validation process. It also decreases the need to fully execute smart contracts which prove costly for Tezos.

A permanent test network and strong security for Tezos

Kathmandu also introduces other features that are not directly related to scaling issues. It adds a mechanism for governance for a permanent test network available to Tezos users.

The update should also increase safety of Tezos, by improving the randomness of the mainnet’s selection of delegates.

The month of September 2022 will therefore have seen three upgrades of major blockchains to improve their scalability. The Merge of Ethereum (ETH) was obviously the most awaited and the most publicized. About a week after this event, Cardano (ADA) deployed Vasil and Tezos (XTZ) uploaded Kathmandu.

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