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A, tabernacle! – Among the essentials of the “cryptophile kit”, the investment monitoring app is a must-have. At the heart of an offer is plethoric where competition is fierce, all the candidates compete in inventiveness to expand their product, and attract the digital customer. Among these small everyday utilities, a very effective candidate stands out. Instinctive, complete, French-speaking “The” comes straight from Canada, and presents in its free livery many assets that did not leave us insensitive. Small tour of the owner.

A popular crypto application

The is now a digital company that enjoys a well-deserved success of esteem. With over 4.1 million downloads and over 4.5 stars on Google Play and iOS App Store, since 2020, it has offered a complete toolbox which has already attracted many investors. Focused on cryptocurrencies, there is everything you need to follow the evolution of prices and important information concerning the entire ecosystem.

A veritable digital goldmine for anyone who desires, or is already navigating the crypto deep end. Indeed, few are those who can afford to scan their screen in search of trend indicators, or to follow the changes in the capitalization of their wallet to the minute. A real problem in a galaxy in permanent expansion that requires constant monitoring to not miss any of the events, because your success depends on it.

The, an optimized digital toolbox

Thus, we find within the application an unprecedented wealth of relevant features which will be useful for all profiles, from the experienced trader to the novice investor. Here are some of the most notable, and the list is not exhaustive:

– Portfolio:

The most used is certainly the virtual wallet or portfolio. An interface that allows you to monitor your digital assets without them being present on the app. Indeed, you can very simply connect your accounts via API, as well as your browser or hardware wallets on more than 35 different networks thanks to their public address. And if you prefer, you can also manually enter your different cryptos, and follow their evolution over time, child’s play.

The portfolio is a must have for the crypto investor

– Tracker:

As a crypto investor, you necessarily have views on certain nuggets, and just wait for the right moment to get yourself a nice little bag. With this feature, you will be able to follow them as closely as possible by targeting important movements using technical analysis tools. But above all the announcements and the evolutions of each through a flow of data collected from the protocols and exchanges spread over more than 35 blockchain networks.

With the tracker you track cryptos, waiting for the right moment to get them
The tracker helps you find nuggets

– Alerts

Completing the tracker, The allows you to configure multiple alerts and responding to various advanced factors. Thanks to a very powerful “push” alert system, you are informed in real time, and guaranteed not to miss the signal you have been waiting for so long to get on the crypto train.

Configure your alerts according to your own criteria
Better than a clock, alerts will allow you to react quickly

– Customizable widgets:

The function allows you to create your own customized shortcut, to increase efficiency. Thus, you can configure the module so that in real time the important charts are displayed, the latest news from the Corner Newspaperand the alerts you have configured, with ease.

Widgets allow you to create shortcuts that deliver your selection of info directly to your home screen
Widgets allow maximum customization

– Information flow:

Speaking of news, one of The’s great strengths lies in its continuous flow of information, being connected live to no less than 100 exchanges, 60 specialized media, 2 price aggregators and 35 blockchain networks. a guarantee of receive the freshest news before everyone else.

The news feed allows you to stay informed on the state of the crypto ecosystem and on all the opportunities of blockchain networks
Find JDC articles in the crypto news feed

We could extend the list by telling you about their currency converter, their market analyzes or their competition multi-language support. But rather than accumulating descriptions at the risk of losing you, we prefer to insist on a point that will convince you.

While all of these services are available for free, The has already announced its next upgrade. Indeed, the application should very soon expand its offer to provide advanced features. These will include a real wallet to keep your cryptos end-to-end, direct purchase, staking and DeFi services and a “pro” subscription to unlock powerful new features. A bet that could well make The » a must in the daily management of digital assets. What if making decisions became simple?

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