The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is “a fool detector,” as Nassim Nicholas Taleb puts it.

Insult is the only weapon they still have – Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the Bitcoin cryptocurrency just over 14 years ago. Since then, it has seen extraordinary growth in popularity, prompting critics to pass disparaging critiques and comments. This is especially true in the case of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, who now refers to people who use bitcoin as “fools.”

A combination of “tumour” and “conspiracy marker”: what is Bitcoin?

In September 2022, Nassim Nicholas Taleb referred to Bitcoin as a “tumour.” In early January 2023, he launched a new assault against Bitcoin, which he referred to as the “king” of cryptocurrencies.

The author of “The Black Swan” (The Black Swan) took the opportunity presented by an interview with the Express to air all of his pent-up animosity for Bitcoin in its complete, transparent form. And a wonderful concoction in which it lumps together and labels as “conspirators” all those individuals who, like him, have the audacity not to think “good.”

“We are dealing with something that may be referred to as a “cluster,” which brings together supporters of cryptocurrencies, doubters of covid-19, climatoskeptics, pro-Putin supporters, and radical carnivores. Many people believe in crazy conspiracy theories, yet they are fundamentally naive about the world. I’m not joking when I say that these folks are connected and have the same viewpoints on a variety of subjects that seem completely unrelated to one another. (…)”

Critical thinking and holding diverse worldviews: two of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s pet peeves.

Despite the fact that Klaus Schwab’s book titled “Great Reset” was released in the summer of 2020, Nassim Nicholas Taleb is of the opinion that the will to make significant changes in human society would not exist among the most powerful people in the world. The good news is that beginning on January 16, 2023, you will be able to check it out and entertain yourself by counting the number of world leaders that flock to the Davos Forum of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which Mr. Schwab is the primary organizer of.

“We are able to detect widespread insanity; for instance, this cluster is persuaded that we are the victims of a plot involving the “Great Reset.” (…) And even if you might not know anything about Bitcoin, you should nevertheless adopt it along with the rest of the cluster because it is a part of it! You are aware that idiots will eventually believe rubbish if it is repeated often enough. »

You support bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as an alternative to fiat currencies, which are susceptible to inflation, right? Or do you think that the limits on covids may have been unreasonable and harmful (even if just partially)? Or are you of the opinion that it is difficult to determine the precise role that humans play in global warming? Do you believe that the simplistic kindergarten manicheism depicting Russians as evil people who eat children and Ukrainians as saints is exaggerated? Or, perhaps you are someone who enjoys delicious meat and finds it frustrating to watch vegan zealots vandalizing butcher shops.

Even if you don’t think about any of the things I listed above, you’re still part of a large family of people who are “conspirators” since you’re thinking incorrectly. In any event, according to Nassim Nicholas Taleb, who unquestionably harbours the unadulterated, unadulterated Truth within himself. In a nutshell, if you are willing to show that you have a critical mind and constantly question what you are told, then you should go your own path. Because Mr. Taleb is unquestionably not the same man who penned the prologue to “The Bitcoin Standard” today as he was in the past, “The Bitcoin Standard” prologue.


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