The finest Bitcoin quotes from Michael Saylor, including “Life is easier if just Bitcoin.”

Michael Saylor, now president of microstrategyhas dedicated himself to presenting his thoughts on Bitcoin in short daily sentences on Twitter. Let’s see some of the most popular, intense or fun. ***

  • Michael Saylor, former CEO of Microstrategy, still believes in Bitcoin
  • He demonstrates it through brief and constant messages on Twitter
  • “It is better to board a Bitcoin boat than to stay on a constantly sinking ship,” he wrote.

Michael Saylor, former CEO of microstrategy, the company with the most Bitcoin invested, he has already ceased to be the executive director of the company this month to become the president and to also dedicate himself to a corporate strategy focused on Bitcoin.

the founder of microstrategy has always been a passionate supporter of the mainstream cryptocurrency, but as of late seems to be “unleashed” on Twitter, with many messages where Bitcoin is protagonist. In many of them passion and enthusiasm reign, in others, there is humor or deeper reflections. It is worth noting that he always receives thousands of “likes” and hundreds of comments from his followers. Let’s take a look at some of their tweet recent.

“Bitcoin will attract those who would build their lives on a solid ethical, technical and economic foundation”he wrote on August 22.

This tweet, supported by a graph, from August 21, the 8th (of the month) becomes infinite and is accompanied by the following sentence: “Imagine, everything that is and everything that will be, divided by 21 million.”

There he demonstrates what he has said for a long time: that his investment in Bitcoin is thinking about the future. That’s why he doesn’t sell his bitcoin in despair. He doesn’t care about the current fall at all. In fact, he says in an August 16 tweet:

“On a long enough timeline, if it’s not #bitcoin, it goes to zero.”

“Bitcoin is designed to inspire”he expressed in a tweet on August 19, highlighting his fanaticism.

He emphasizes his advice to invest:

“You can lose, or you can #bitcoin.”

And on August 15 he also spoke about the investment issue: “If you can buy Bitcoin, then you still have a choice.”

And the day before he stressed, no doubt referring to generalized inflation: “It is better to board a Bitcoin boat than to stay on a constantly sinking ship.”

He finished by saying: “Life is easier if only Bitcoin.”

The advantages of BTC, according to Saylor

Another thing that the executive has emphasized is that Bitcoin It is synonymous with freedom. Here he confirms it in this tweet: “Bitcoin is money controlled by no one and available to everyone.”

He compares it to gold, which he believes by going out:

“As the sun sets on gold, the Bitcoin star continues to rise.”

In a tweet of August 11 appreciates the time in Bitcoin: “Excited to start my third year at Bitcoin University.”

And a little further, almost beginning the month said an anthology phrase: “Bitcoin is the best idea. There is no second best.”

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