The giants SEGA and Bandai ready to enter the blockchain game

Play-to-earn, play-for-fun – Renowned video game developers like Bandai and Sega, begin their transition into the web3to anticipate the growing adoption of blockchain in their industry.

Bandai Namco, Sega, and Square Enix: future giant of blockchain games?

Blockchain games have their place in Tokyo Games Show of this year. ifaddressing to the Cointelegraph media during the event, Ryo Matsubaradirector within the Oasys blockchain project, mentioned the existence of a long-term vision on decentralized gameswithin the company and with its renowned partners.

oasis notably collaborates with Bandai Namco, Sega, and Square Enix. The first is the developer of Tekken and Pac-Man. Sega is world famous for the game Sonic. While Square Enix is ​​the company behind the hit Final Fantasy series.

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New technology, new games before a certain maturity

According to Ryo Matsubara, Oasys and its partners have “acommon vision on the blockchain “. They would not only seek to take advantage of this opportunity, but rather aspire to “ create the next future ” video games.

Blockchain games: press START to begin

These giants of their sector who work hand in hand with Oasys would initially develop new blockchain games. The integration of blockchain into popular traditional securities will only come later, when the “ new model game will have matured enough.

The importance of fundamentals: blockchain games, income, and fun

Ryo Matsubara also addressed one of the main issues facing current blockchain-based games. The projects concerned would be too dependent the token price. There ” speculation thus occupies a (too) important place, to the detriment of the playful aspect of the game.

Luke Sillaycommunity manager of Blowfish Studios, had also criticized this obsession with tokenomics in these projects, which then neglect the very fun side that should characterize any game.

Nevertheless, Ryo Matsubara displays a certain optimism on these subjects. It provides a ” adjustment » progressive practices, with companies that will most likely improve the gaming experience over time.

Bandai Namco, Sega, and Square Enix should therefore soon offer blockchain games, to the delight of gamers passionate about web3. This other giant of video games recently released its first decentralized gameavailable in early access “.

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