The Merge: he pays 36 ETH to create the first NFT of the new Ethereum

D-day – While we are probably living in a historic day for crypto with the passage of the ethereum blockchain from proof of work to proof of stake. Certainly less energy-intensive, certain urban legends lent this merger the possibility of seeing certain problems relating to the blockchain appease. Reduced gas costs and other faster transactions, these commonplaces were quickly destroyed.

And, precisely, now that The Merge took place this morning, the first NFT minté, created on the blockchain, around 9 a.m. takes us out of the dream and reminds us of the harsh reality of the world of cryptocurrency.

“A person paid 36 ETH in gas fees to mint this (…) This is the first mint in proof of stake” – Source: Twitter

The first minted NFT after the long-awaited merger will have cost its creator 36ETH in gas costs, i.e. 55,563 dollars at the time of writing these few lines, thus confirming that the blockchain fees will not decrease… as expected.

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John R. Zepeda

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