The National Rugby League (LNR) will launch into NFTs with OVAL3

NFTs pass between the posts – The non-fungible tokens (NFT), because of their uniqueness, lend themselves perfectly to the world of sports trading cards. If the world of football and round ball is already well anchored in the field, this was not yet fully the case for the oval balloon. This will change, thanks to OVAL3 of Bamg Sportswhich has just won an NFT broadcast contract for the National Rugby League.

NFTs land on the rugby field thanks to OVAL3

Among crypto-assets, non-fungible tokens have arguably become the most well-known and popular after Bitcoin itself. It must be said that these digital tokens have many applications, especially in theart and in the sport.

It is in this second area that they will carry out a new breakthrough. Indeed, it is the oval which is this time in the spotlight. On October 13, 2022, the teams ofOVAL3 (band Bamg Sports) have just announced that they will be in charge of future NFT Cards of the 2022/2023 season of the National Rugby League.

This attribution of licenses relates to the competitions of the TOP 14 and some PRO D2. It relates to 30 clubs professionals. The creation of these NFTs (the consultation of which was launched in May 2022) was attributed to OVAL3 by the Economic Development and Innovation Commission (CDEI) of the Rugby League.

With OVAL3, collect the NFTs of NRL rugby players – Source:

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Create a new Web3 digital universe for fans of the oval ball

In addition to the 2022/2023 season, OVAL3 will be in charge of issuing these non-fungible tokens for the following 2 seasons, i.e. until 2025. With over 1,500 players under professional contract or hope, the task promises to be important.

With these NFTs, rugby fans will benefit from an experience “Play&Own”. Indeed, they will be able to benefit from the digital immersion of Fantasy Rugby World from OVAL3, a game that pits these collectible NFT cards against each other. More 35,000 users are already facing it.

“We believe in the power of NFTs to engage and expand the community of fans of our championships, in France and beyond. We are entering the digital world of NFTs with an offer that reflects our sport and its values: a flawless collective with the 30 professional clubs involved, solidarity in the redistribution of income and an enhanced fan experience, with a expert player: Bamg Sports (OVAL3). »

Emmanuel Eschalier, Director General of the NRL

L’adoption cryptocurrencies continues, while bringing new opportunities to fans to express their passion for their favorite sport, thanks to collectible NFTs. A universal phenomenon since, across the Atlantic, fans of another oval ball – the Football – also saw the National Football League (NFL) Launch NFT Collections.

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