The noise and the smell… In Norway, Bitcoin a neighbor deemed cumbersome

Bitcoin is making a noise at night? – All patterns (cans) are good for attacking Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies. If Bitcoin’s argument “energy-consuming pollutant” takes the lead in the wing with miners making more and more use of renewable energieseven, who help the authorities – other pretexts are emerging. Indeed, Bitcoin would be ” Too noisy “ from now on. Fortunately, money has no smell, otherwise it would certainly also be blamed on BTC.

Top argument of the day: BTC mining: “it’s too noisy”

The detractors of Bitcoin there is no shortage of wacky ideas to criticize Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention. The latest comes from Norway. And this is the local mining farm KryptoVault who is a victim.

As the reports including Cointelegraph, the Norwegian city of sortland thus seems to use every conceivable argument in an attempt to Discard of its bitcoin miners. the reproach is therefore the following: BTC mining facilities – that contribute to the operation and security of the Bitcoin network – would be too much “noisy”.

However, the CEO of the KryptoVault mining farm, Kjetil Hove Pettersenwas not stingy with multiple efforts to show the benefits of implementing its installation, as we will see. But nothing seems to help.

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A state-of-the-art, environmentally conscious Bitcoin mining farm

KryptoVault miners have immediately anticipated the usual criticisms about the power consumption of their bitcoin mining operation. As its CEO explains, Sortland’s BTC farm uses 100% renewable energy sources.

The colored lines on this Norwegian landscape are due to Bitcoin mining

This thriving and successful business has also brought with it jobs. And wait, that’s not all: she recover even caloric energy released by the mining machines to drying wood and seaweed for other local businesses. Not to mention the juicy taxes which Norwegian crypto-miners are taxed.

In other words: KryptoVault is THE Bitcoin mining farm model, way first of the fayot limit class. But NOPE ! Whatever happens it won’t be never enough for those who hate Bitcoin (without really knowing why). And in addition to the noise, the reproaches fuse:

“It’s usually the negative voices that get the most media attention. This does not reflect all local opinions. (…) The narrative that we are suppressing other industrial establishments using energy, when in fact the opposite is true. We are sometimes accused of driving up the price of energy, which is not true either. »

Kjetil Hove Pettersen, CEO of KryptoVault mining farm

Indeed, in this northern region of the Scandinavian country, hydroelectricity is more thanabundant. This Bitcoin farm thus allows (in addition to its other profits) to generate more income to local energy suppliers (who would otherwise have a surplus/waste of unused energy). The CEO of KryptoVault concludes with wisdom, telling us that unfortunately: “a lot of work remains to be done to get our message across, and dispel myths and misconceptions”.

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