The Ripple (XRP) network in the age of ecology – A “green” image to adopt

It’s green time – As blockchains attempt to prove the seriousness of their ecological commitments, Ripple (XRP) collaborates with a web 3 startup that wants to create a carbon credit platform to meet current climate challenges.

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Ripple in web 3 base of a climate initiative

In a commonIthat from October 3, the web 3 startup specializing in the climate, Thaloannounced his partnership with Ripple for the creation of his carbon credits marketplace blockchain-based.

Ripple is thus included in the list of the 23 initial partners of Thallo for the realization of this project. It is one of the founding partners, alongside Climate Collective and project developers in the field of carbon credit.

List of Thallo partners – Source: LinkedIn

According Ken Weberhead of Social Impact and Sustainability at Ripple, Thallo facilitates access to verified carbon credits for institutional investors and individuals, using the Ledger XRP which would have the particular advantage of being carbon neutraleven when used on a large scale.

The tokenization carbon credits represents a lucrative market that attracts both legitimate web3 projects and those led by entrepreneurs with a sulphurous reputation. By partnering with Thallo, Ripple not only wins a victoire on the shutter technologicalbut also on the sidelines ecological marketing.

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