There has been a Avalanche of Web3 games in the land of the rising sun.

Effect de neige – We discovered today that the “made in Japan” gaming powerhouse GREE is teaming up with the Avalanche blockchain and its ecosystem via its BLRD branch. Ava Labs is a software business that provides support for the Avalanche blockchain. Association with the goal of hastening the development of BLRD’s first Web3 game in the field of blockchain games beginning in 2023.

In the world of online gaming, a strategic alliance has been formed.

I doubt it, although Avalanche has been widely praised as a top-tier protocol in the blockchain industry. It is the fastest, most cost-effective, and energy-efficient option, with the most validators to back up its proof-of-stake security. More than 500 distributed apps are currently hosted on Avalanche. Therefore, the network is secure enough to hold billions of dollars. The effect on the environment would be negligible. Given this, it’s not surprise that this company is being used by so many companies in the real economy to make the transition to blockchain technology.

Accordingly, GREE has also started its own transition. Please be reminded that the Japanese firm has been making hit Web2 games for more than ten years already. A huge number of well-known titles feature her contributions, including Naruto and multiple mobile versions of Final Fantasy. The media mammoth has been running over a dozen Avalanche validators recently. All of this is a part of his strategy to join the Avalanche Main Network and the Gaming Subnets.

“GREE has been making games for almost ten years, so they must be doing something right because their games are always popular. We’re overjoyed that they’ve decided to put their faith in Avalanche, a gaming channel, and form a strategic alliance with it. “Ava Labs has everything GREE needs to become a Web3 games giant.

Ed Chang, Head of Games at Ava Labs

BLRD, a third-party entity to support Web3 connection between Avalanche and Gree

The two champions will formalize their partnership within a third framework. Indeed, BLRD has been a prominent player in the gaming industry for several decades. In instance, it was the first company to market a social mobile game, Fishing Star, back in 2007. In addition she was able to collect many numerous references as :

Thirty million regular players.
Collaboration with prominent firms in the world of gamingsuch as Square Enix, Sega, Konami and Bandai Namco
Have put out a plethora of mobile games, which have been downloaded by the millions.
purchasing rights to use intellectual property and developing mobile games based on well-known anime properties. We can quote here “One Punch Man”.

Web3 gaming is being developed by Avalanche in collaboration with Japanese gaming company GREE.

It is the responsibility of this new strategic alliance to advance the creation of web3 games by combining the knowledge of the GREE team with those of the Avalanche system. Ava Labs will provide BLRD with technical, marketing, business, and ecosystem support to aid in the company’s expansion into the blockchain gaming industry.

The Avalanche Network and its ecosystem have a lot of promise, and that excites me. Just like we did for web2 games, we’re going to release a completely new game that will be enjoyed by players for years to come.

Eiji Araki, director of BLRD

It has been stated that BLRD will make a spectacular debut in the Web 3 gaming industry. This is achieved, among other things, by creating and releasing games on the Avalanche network, as well as NFTs. While running validators and investing in third-party games, BLRD intends to work with Ava Labs and the Avalanche Foundation on other projects, such as joint investments with Blizzard, Avalanche’s investment fund. In a nutshell, GREE is putting its faith in Web3 and blockchain technology through its subsidiary BLRD. Put on your snow gear; an avalanche is coming.

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