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Investing in talent is the brainchild of Trendex. This French start-up offers you to bet and enrich yourself on the future success of emblematic personalities, in fields as varied as sport, music, social networks or cinema. After having brilliantly succeeded in its launch, Trendex now plays in the big leagues, attracting more and more investors and fans. Earn money through the performances of your idols, taking advantage of many exclusive privileges, it’s now!

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Trendex.

Crypto Fans Dreamed About It, Trendex Did It

Born in Ajaccio in 2021, the Trendex project never ceases to convince investors and observers wherever he goes. Lately, it is in the United States that the startup has been talked about. Indeed, it was a great success during the Demo Days of the Y Combinator business incubator. Every year, this American company presents a panel of promising young companies covering different sectors of activity to several hundred hand-picked investors. In recent years, Airbnb, Twitch, DropBox or even Stripe and Coinbase have distinguished themselves within this incubator. And the 2022 vintage was clearly in favor of the French with no less than three start-ups honored out of a total of eight.

This is how in September, among more than 20,000 young companies, Trendex was able to conquer the hearts and the portfolios of major players in the ecosystem. We find here JellySmack, The SandBox, the Brut media and of course the company Y Combinator. The reason for such enthusiasm? An innovative, lucrative, exhilarating concept accessible to the general public. A new approach to fanbase/creator relations which leverages the unique features and capabilities of blockchain technology.

Treat yourself to shares of talents and benefit from their successes

Thereby, Trendex allows you to buy and resell “shares” of talents, recognized or confidential. To remain general public, the application authorizes payments by credit card. The platform is also compatible with the most popular crypto solutions such as Veve (ecomi), or Dapper (Flow). Indeed, Trendex already accepts the main cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Where Ethereum.

For the moment, athletes, musicians, and creators are in the majority, but there is no doubt that the catalog is growing. Leading personalities who are directly involved in the project. Indeed, each of them has signed an exclusivity agreement, protecting the value of these digital assets, and therefore, the investment of users.

The most famous youtubers are represented
You find all the creators on which to invest categorized according to their field of activity, youtube, football, musicians etc...
Many musicians have started on Trendex

Each talent is therefore divided into 100,000 “shares”, a number that is guaranteed “for life”. By becoming the owner, you will invest in icons of the cultural or media landscape. This is to possibly take advantage of it in various ways.

  • By participating in tournaments organized on the platform as we will explain later.
  • By following the coast of each icon to resell your shares after good performance and make a profit which will allow you to bet on a new foal.

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You can also keep them preciously to take advantage of the points that their progress earns as well as many privileges depending on the number of shares you hold. These privileges fall into two main categories. The “limited” ones, accessible to all owners of a certain number of shares, and the “ultra-rare” ones, reserved for the top 3 investors in each talent. On the menu, unique content, dedications, preview information, goodies that can go as far as VIP seats for certain events or even a private meeting.

Buy, resell, participate in tournaments, everything you need to know to play

In reference to the “Fantasy” card games of the 90s, you will build your team of “talents” among the personality cards that you will have purchased on the app, and you will be able to earn money based on their achievement and performance in the real world, a bit like “Mon Petit Gazon”, the French fantasy football game.

Tournaments have a central place in the mechanics and the interest of the Trendex project. Indeed, twice a week, the platform will put into play nearly €1,500 to be shared during competitions. To participate, you will need to build a team of four athletes, artists or influencers using the cards in your wallet. In the time span of each event, your cards will gain or lose points based on the price of their shares and their respective performance in the real world. For athletes it will be the results that will influence. For musicians, the number of streams and sales, for YouTube influencers, views.

To play in tournaments, you must form a team with 4 cards from your wallet
An example of a portfolio ready to participate in a tournament!

As you shop, you can put in place your strategy to recover as much as possible of the sums put into play each week and grow your investments. Are you going to bet on little-known talents ready to explode? Or choose emblematic figures in their sector to play it safe? Between tournaments, will you resell to change sector or on the contrary increase your participation to increase your earnings?

Make way for strategy and tactics for maximum fun! Already more than 15,000 users have joined Trendex. The platform is seeing its popularity explode visibly with an increase of nearly 60% of users per month. Take advantage of the welcome offer with our exclusive link and start building your portfolio today with 10€ offered to get started on the platform ! What if your hidden talent was to spot and enhance the talent of others? It’s up to you to try the adventure.

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