Two Tourists Catch The Person Who Stole Bag In Hotel When Tracking Wireless Headphones

Two tourists from Oregon ( USA ) were able to recover the belongings that were stolen from the hotel where they were staying in Miami Beach and have the alleged thief arrested, thanks to the fact that they took, among other things, wireless headphones .

The robbery occurred within hours of arriving in Miami Beach. Someone entered the hotel room when they were not inside and took luxury brand bags and sunglasses, they said by phone.

Inside a bag were the headphones and its charger.

As soon as they found out about the theft they began “to track the AirPods with the Apple application” and at the same time one of them began to receive messages from their credit card companies advising of purchases made in a certain area of ​​Miami Beach near the hotel. .

While they followed the heels of the AirPods thanks to the Apple application, they also visited the stores where someone made purchases with cards from one of them and thus they were obtaining a complete physical description of that woman.

Finally, the victims and the police came together at a point on the tourist street Lincoln Road where they found a person very similar to the one described by the shop assistants and who was also wearing the victim’s glasses and bag.

Jonnique Budhoo, 24, was arrested for possession of marijuana and cocaine and for another crime pending investigation, the theft of the belongings of the Oregon tourist.

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