Waiting for Ethereum’s Merge – Google joins the party

tick tock – Google’s developers and creative team have pitched in to contribute in their own way, to a “ The Merge now imminent. The transition is not yet made, but Ethereum (ETH) has already won an important victory at this stage: it has managed to attract even more interest from a web 2 giant, which has not yet plunged its main product directly into web 3.

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Google and The Merge: a doodle for a merger

And, we are now waiting for the birth of the panda. The Google team wanted to contribute in its own way, to The Merge, which is not only the major event of this month, but which also constitutes a milestone in the evolution of web3and therefore for all web players in general, even for those who have not yet embraced decentralization.

Google has designed a doodle which displays a countdown, until Ethereum switches from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. The doodle also features mining difficulty, network hash rate, and two bears approaching each other with outstretched arms.

The impending merger of these two bears should give birth to a panda, now considered a mascot of The Merge. Google worked hard to get this doodle out on time, according to the explanations of Sam Padillaengineer in the company’s web3 team.

Google celebrates in its own way the imminent birth of the “panda” The Merge.

The idea is said to have germinated over the past two weeks, from internal discussions within Google’s web3 community. The collaborators wanted to create a “ cool doodle to mark this transition. According to Sam Padilla, the research team would then have subsequently ” ran with this community. She would have ” makes it happen incredibly fast “.

The Merge raises the hopes of many web3 enthusiasts. In theory, Ethereum’s switch from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake should resolve scalability issues of the network, with significant positive spin-offs for the development of decentralized financeof the NFT projects, and various decentralized applications. But everything remains to be demonstrated in practice. The Merge will also attract more institutional investors, who hope to generate significant returns through staking on the network. The hidden face of this major event, you say? Control of the network could now fall into the hands of the richest, who can use millions of dollars or euros to increase their influence as validators.

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