Warner Bros in web 3: “The Lord of the Rings” arrives as an NFT

Your valuables in the form of NFT – Warner Bros. offers fans of his film ” The Lord of the Rings “ collections NFT relating to the first part of the trilogy.

The Lord of the Rings: NFTs are coming on schedule

In terms of web 3 content, Warner Bros has the eye (of Sauron). On October 20, the American film studio announced the output of NFTs for his iconic film “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”.

These NFTs, which have been launched on October 21, are part of the initiative “Warner Bros. Movieverse”. To make its project a reality, the studio called on the company web 3 Eluvio, who hosts the token and its content on its blockchain Content Fabriccompatible with Ethereum (ETH).

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Non-fungible tokens, the future of cinema?

Lord of the Rings fans can Randomly mint an NFT among the 10,000 in the collection “First Mystery Edition”. Each NFT available at a unit price of $30 can have the attributes ” common “, ” uncommon “ Where ” rare “each characteristic being respectively related to the Shire, Rivendell and the Mines of Moria.

The holder of one of these NFTs has access to a 4K copy of the film and bonus footage. They can also see, in augmented reality, images and collectibles related to any of the film’s locations, depending on the attribute of their non-fungible token.

Premiere Epic Edition – Source: NFT from “Lord of the Rings”

Collectors can also choose to minter an NFT of the Premiere Epic Edition. This collection is made up of 999 NFTs, sold at a unit price of 100 dollars. In addition to the 4K film and other footage, buyers have access to augmented reality images and collectibles, which are tied to the Shire, Rivendell and the Mines of Moria.

Warner Bros. so bring Middle-earth and its mysteries in web 3after organizing the Looney Tunes return as NFT. The web 2 giant thus confirms, like others, that it wishes to tackle web 3 and its technologies despite the crypto winter.

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