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Warm up in the crypto winter – What could be better, during a bear market, than to prepare for the good weather? Easier said than done. Lost in the maze of cryptographic projects, worried about the safety and health of your portfolio, you hesitate. What cryptocurrency ? What blockchain? Which project to choose? Do not be afraid. White Loop Capital think of you. This French crypto-asset investment flagship, founded in 2021, selects and supports web 3 projects with high potential. By doing so, White Loop allows you toinvest early in innovationwhether by buying the tokens of said projects, or even shares of these companies, and this, with complete confidence.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with White Loop Capital.

White Loop Capital: “Let’s support those who dare”

This is the motto of this private investment company which offers a selection of projects built on blockchain innovations. The goal? Introduce its investors to disruptive and promising “crypto” start-upsand provide them with expertise to support them.

Specialized in digital assets, and a pioneer in this field, White Loop Capital is a registered French company domiciled in Lyon, France. The team is made up of 4 members founders, all keen on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. She has built up a solid experience over the years in the blockchain funding management.

In doing so, through different assignments that she set herself, White Loop Capital facilitates access to a type of investment still too reserved for a restricted circle of players by offering:

  • to whomever wishes, to invest as soon as possible in web 3 projects (pre-seed, seed, private sales);
  • Supported crypto projects, a secure spacea strategic contact book, as well as expertise to develop.

Become an investor at White Loop Capital

White Loop’s field of competence is therefore very broad. The company accompanies both the projects and the associates that it integrates into its approach. Actual gateway to innovation, White Loop creates a space of trust between the projects and the restricted circle of associates, all as passionate, enlightened and demanding as each other. These optimal growth conditions allow for common, full and serene involvement in the ecosystem.

After a year of growth, despite the icy market conditions we are experiencing, White Loop Capital is entering a new stage in its development. The team is looking to expand the number of its associates. These are, like the supported projects, chosen with care. Indeed, maintaining a healthy environment, and offer everyone quality growing space up to everyone’s ambitions are principles inscribed in White Loop’s DNA.

The objective is therefore not only to obtain funds to invest in the growth of the projects supported (investments having the bad habit of evaporating from the first returns). Involvement, participation in the various bodies are all conditions that must be met to be able to join the White Loop team and claim to become a decision maker via this form.

White Loop Capital announces recruitment on Twitter

The crypto projects of tomorrow spotted today

Indeed, White Loop examines and selects for its partners still embryonic blockchain projects. Unlike a traditional investment company, each partner is free to invest or not in the projects presented. Everyone can thus build their portfolio according to their affinities with the proposed projects. Moreover, quality being privileged over quantity, White Loop presents only a few projects per year. Carefully and rigorously chosen, these projects are always promising and disruptive, like these 3 projects already promoted.

OnDefy: the Swiss army knife of DeFi

OnDefy is a decentralized application. It aggregates DeFi protocols to allow its users to enjoy all the benefits of decentralized finance, without the drawbacks. Thus, no more multiple passwords, incomprehensible interfaces and other complicated authentications to enjoy juicy returns. the magic link gives you one-click access to DeFi. It is alongside Julien Bouteloup, Hasheur, Marc Zeller among others that White Loop has invested in this project.

DeepSquare: a decentralized cloud

DeepSquare is a sustainable and responsible alternative to the scourge of centralized clouds managed for the most part by GAFAM, such as Google or Amazon. Responsible, DeepSquare offers a sustainable blockchain-powered alternative to provide companies with hosting their data and high computing power on decentralized clouds with increased security. White Loop is supporting this project alongside Outlier Ventures, which previously participated in the growth of Polkadot (DOT)Filecoin (FIL), Polygon (MATIC) among others.

Fluent: a DAO bank

Fluent is a decentralized banking network. It issues the US+ stablecoin pegged to the US dollar and insured by a federation of US banks. Supported by MasterVentures or ChainLink, the project has opted for a CAD operation. Thus, its members participate collectively in the company’s decisions. Built around its stablecoin, Fluent offers a stable and secure blockchain protocol to optimize your exchanges in complete transparency.

White Loop Capital is already backing promising crypto projects

The guardian of tomorrow’s crypto projects

In fact, these three projects may not be unfamiliar to you. Talented and responsible, they are the perfect example of crypto start-ups which, despite the winter, continue to shape the world of tomorrow with passion.

Supported by the team, acting as mentors, White Loop Capital helps these projects grow. Partnership with onchainjobsjob offer platform specializing in the blockchain, support from members of the community, implementation of Bug Bounty programs, monitoring of communication campaigns on social networks, business developmentlegal and accounting support, are all tools available to them.

In addition, the team offers a profitable project cash management which she supports. White Loop Capital allows them a 10% return in stablecoins via a partnership with Capsa Finance

Despite the crypto-ice age we are living through, the supply of future value is being created, now. Like a thick coat, White Loop Capital allows the most innovative projects to be built in the warmth. In doing so, the economic actors of tomorrow, projects as passionate investors, grow from the start hand in hand. So don’t be shy, you too could invest in innovation and future crypto projects with White Loop Capital.

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