Will “green” Ethereum seduce investors massively?

Ethereum greener? – You couldn’t miss it. Tea merge took place, everything went very well, and Ethereum is now 100% working in Proof of Stake. Validators have replaced miners, drastically reducing electricity consumption related to block production and ETH allocation.

Is Ethereum green the color of the future?

But does this Ethereumwhich therefore becomes more green will attract more investors, especially those who have not yet entered the blockchain today. Is the argument alone of power consumption can make you want to come and see more closely what is happening?

Because we must not forget that the bad ” advertising ” of Bitcoin is essentially linked to its Excessive consumption » and all The ideas received which revolve around. Of course, there are still the classic clichés of terrorism and money laundering. However, the refrain on consumption is a constant that we still hear far too much.

After The Merge, is Ethereum greener?

Will things change for Ethereum from now on?

Markus Thielen, chief investment officer of IDEG (a digital asset manager) said he had already had discussions with investors, and even central banks on a possible investment in ETH. But each time the possibility of placement had been brushed aside. The excuse chosen being energy consumption.
With Ethereum moving to PoS, this clearly solves this last pillar of concern. »

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Real shift among investors? Or window dressing?

Vitalik himself highlights this drop in consumption (close to 99%). Will attitudes change?

The network’s transition to proof of stake would lead to the future of money being more internet-based – Ethereum will become the settlement layer that everyone will accept and trust – especially when the spotlight shines brighter than ever on the issue of sustainability in crypto mining. »

Charlie Karaboga, CEO of Block Earner Company

The power consumption is an argument (often used exclusively to give themselves a good image and a good conscience) that companies watch a lot. With this publicity that Ethereum is getting, is it possible that the blockchain will attract funds that have avoided it so far?

For many, the move to PoS raises issues, especially with decentralization. But is the simple change of ” production » blocks will be enough to bring investors into the dance? So will they really do it for the right reason? For the simple picture ecological rather than a real interest in this blockchain and its technology? The question is valid.

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