1inch and Unstoppable collaboration: towards more readable domain names

Simpler, more user-friendly – The aggregator of decentralized platforms 1inch collaborates with the domain name provider NFT Unstoppable Domains, for eliminate friction linked to long, unreadable addresses during a cryptocurrency transaction.

1inch and Unstoppable Domains: more secure transfers in the web3

Adoption of decentralized finance and web3 would be at your fingertips. In a communicated on October 4, 1inch announced its partnership with Unstoppable Domainsto facilitate cryptocurrency transactions.

Thanks to this collaboration, 1inch users will no longer have to bother with long alphanumeric addresses of crypto wallets. Instead, they can now use simple domain names, “human readable” when buying or sending cryptocurrencies.

Andy.wallet or Money.crypto domain names not only improve the user experience during crypto transactions, but they also allow strengthen the security of operations by allowing simpler, and therefore more efficient, verification of addresses.

These NFT domain names thus constitute error prevention tools during a cryptocurrency transfer.

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A company and its NFT domain names on the road to growth

Unstoppable Domains would remove barriers to mass adoption of web3, which are user experience, security, and identity, according to Sergej Kunzco-founder of 1inch Network.

The company has steadily forged partnerships over the years, pushing NFT domain names to the mainstream. In May of last year, the browser Brave had partnered with Unstoppable Domainsto integrate decentralized domain names.

Today, Unstoppable Domains continues to grow, supporting the development of web3 at the same time, thanks to its decentralized identity solution which combines the user-friendliness of web2 with the specific advantages that blockchain and smart contracts offer.

Among the initiatives fueling this project growth, Unstoppable Domains migrated to Polygon (MATIC) to allow users to minter their NFT domain names for free.

More recently, in July of this year, the company announced the closing of a financing round, which enabled it to raise $65 millionfor a valuation of almost a billion dollars.

the web3 development is accompanied by an increase in the number of decentralized addresses and initiatives in favor of their development. Unstoppable Domains does not play this field solo. His competitor or his partner – it depends – also scores points, with over 2 million .eth domain names registered in the month of August.

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