$80 million to revolutionize Bitcoin payment – Strike pulls out all the stops

When lightning lights up the sky – Revolutionize payment among professionals, highlighting the Bitcointhe Lightning Network and its reduced costs. It’s the bet of Strikewhich is on track to succeed.

Winning strike, in a single throw!

Announced this year during the Bitcoin conference in Miami, the Strike API will allow anyone who wants to use it to be able to facilitate bitcoin payments on the Lightning Network.

To help with this set-up and boost partnerships (and help acquire new ones), Strike carried out a fundraising over $80 million.

“We are moving forward at full speed, not only to integrate Strike’s revolutionary payments with major merchants, but also globally, with a variety of businesses and partners to innovate and deliver greater inclusion. financial.

We appreciate the continued support of investors who have backed Strike since our inception, and we’re excited to welcome new partners to support our mission, disrupt the industry, and define the future of payments with a truly global, open, secure solution. , instant, virtual and a free network. »

Jack Mallers, Founder and CEO of Strike

You would have understood it. The goal is to deploy high speed Vand with an unprecedented striking force, the possibility of pay in bitcoin, everywhere and free of charge. Strike is already well implemented in e-commerce companies, such as Shopify or Blackhawk. But with this fundraising, they will be able to democratize this revolutionary means of payment more easily.

For Grant Giliamco-founder of Ten31 and partner of Strike (main investor), online payment methods for the general public will be revolutionized:

“We believe Strike is poised to disrupt the financial services and payments landscape, enabling a more efficient, innovative and inclusive financial experience for everyone. We are excited to support the next phase of Strike and strengthen our partnership together. »

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Towards democratization, and beyond!

Beyond the API part, Strike has planned to launch a range of products allowing customers, whether they are businesses, individuals or financial institutions, to be able to use the Lightning Network simply, efficiently and securely.

“We can enable businesses to transfer money in ways that networks such as card networks and SWIFT cannot, and we pay these partners in commissions to do so, which makes it an innovation. exciting for everyone. »

Jack Mallers

Used by approx. two million people around the world, the Strike application has not finished talking about it.

With ridiculous fees, near-instantaneous speed, and mind-boggling ease of use, the Lightning Network will now be accessible to everyone. Of course, it is already possible to integrate this payment method quickly and easily when you are a professional. But no doubt Strike will help democratize and put on the front of the stage this tool which buries the traditional means of payment, whether in terms of fees for professionals or transaction speed.

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