Avalanche: AVAX makes a star entrance on the Gemini exchange

A double Avalanche of successAvalanche (AVAX) do his hall on the cryptocurrency exchange Geminiand thus increases its visibility and availability to crypto investors.

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AVAX on Gemini: Important Victories in the Adoption Battle

In a communicated of October 11, Avalanche informs of the quoting of its native token, the AVAX, on Gemini. Deposits were available the same day. However, users of the crypto exchange had to wait another 24 hours to be able to trade for the pairs formed by AVAX with fiat currencies – USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, HKD and SGD.

Discovering Avalanche (AVAX)
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This listing of theAVAX on Gemini is an additional step, which goes in the direction of a increase in adoption of the Avalanche blockchain and its token. On October 11, Avalanche also won another victory in this area, with the marketplace OpenSea who announced theaddition of blockchain-based NFTs to its platform.

Cryptophiles can now trade pairs with AVAX on the brothers’ platform Winklevoss. Avalanche cryptocurrency is also available for purchase on Binance, FTX and other cryptocurrency exchanges majors.

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