Bruce Fenton supports Bitcoin because “the dollar is melting”

The US Senate candidate expresses his support for Bitcoin and opposes the government’s involvement in regulating it.


  • US Senate Candidate Supports Bitcoin
  • This is Bruce Fendon, who represents New Hampshire
  • He believes that the dollar “is an ice cube that melts”

Bitcoin It has its detractors and supporters also among the representatives of the Legislative Power. Now, in addition, those who aspire to positions of this type also speak openly for or against cryptocurrency.

United States Senate candidate from New Hampshire, Bruce Fenton, endorsed Bitcoin and said he opposes any government involvement in regulating the asset.

Fenton argues that the government should not get involved in currency elections for the masses. He also compared the dollar to a melting ice cube during yesterday’s New Hampshire primary debate.

He also shared his position on Twitter:

“People choose what money is. We should separate money and declare the same way we separate church and state.

I support the right of anyone to use any form of money they choose. I choose #Bitcoin as my preferred money. The US dollar is a melting ice cube.

US Senate Primary Debate NH.”

According to Fenton, the current monetary system is broken, citing the Federal Reserve’s policy of printing more money. He claimed that the Bitcoin supply cap competes with the dollar.

“We don’t need politicians to tell us what money is throughout human history. For thousands of years, people have been discovering it, whether it’s gold, silver or Bitcoin, and the fact is that our money right now is broken. Politicians broke it. They have unlimited money that they can print out of thin air without liability.”Fenton said.

He added:

“Everyone should have the freedom to choose better money. If they choose to do so, I choose Bitcoin. I recommend that other people also choose something else because the dollar is a melting ice cube.”

It is worth noting that in his Twitter profile bio, Fenton has in his description the words Bitcoin Y cypherpunk, as part of its features.

cryptocurrency donations

He also called on his followers to donate satoshis (fractions of Bitcoin) to your campaign. Here, on your websitethere is the data.

Fenton is one of the United States politicians to accept cryptocurrency donations ahead of primaries. In particular, some surveys have seen digital assets take center stage amid the ongoing debate over US crypto regulations, the outlet reports. Finbold.

Of course, Fenton’s stance has won him over among people in the crypto ecosystem. Fenton’s campaign backers include Jesse Powell, the executive director of the exchange kraken. Notably, all of Powell’s donations to pro-crypto politicians have been funneled to candidates regardless of political party or ideological stance. Powell has been highly critical of the regulation and has warned of “heavy hand” against cryptocurrencies.

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