Crypto airdrop in sight – Metaplex enters the NFT field

Notice to airdrop fans! – The protocol Metaplex based on Solana (SOL) launch a airdrop of tokens, which will be used for the governance of the project.

Metaplex is a protocol that allows to mint non-fungible tokens (NFT) at lower prices on Solana and easily create a platform for the sale of NFT.

On this last point, the project aims to offer a product whose ease of use would be similar to that of Shopifyexcept that Metaplex is designed for NFTs and the Solana ecosystem.

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The Metaplex Foundation puts forward the figure of 20 million minted Solana NFTs to date through the protocol, with more than 2.4 million creators and collectors that would have interacted with these non-fungible tokens. In addition, These NFTs would have generated more $3.5 billion in sales initial and secondary.

However, in the absence of further cross-checking, these figures should be taken with a grain of salt.

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An airdrop of MPLX tokens, but not for everyone

Metaplex had recently announced the launch of the MPLX token which will decentralize its governance via a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The protocol began to perform a airdrop of its token during the week of September 19.

In a tweet of September 20, the project reiterated its promise to create a “decentralized and community creation platform”, a commitment that it would therefore be keeping. MPLX holders will indeed have the power to steer “protocol management through DAO Metaplex”.

Protocol users are eligible for this free distribution of MPLX tokens, at theexception residents at United States. An exclusion that could be due to the regulations in the country. In fact, Metaplex had taken a snapshot of eligible creators, August 24. New arrivals after this date could therefore also be excluded from this airdrop.

The protocol also wants dismiss the creators of projects that are perceived as rug sweatshirts. These initiatives in question are those of creators who were content to extract money from users, before they disappeared without keeping their promises.

Metaplex launches its airdrop in a difficult context for NFTs in general. But despite this situation which globally affects the whole sector, non-fungible tokens on Solana still manage to break a new record.

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