Crypto, object of desire – This US investment giant arrives on Avalanche (AVAX)

A new giant is coming – The American investment fund KKR is launching into the blockchain. And to do this, he selected the Avalanche network (AVAX). The company has $471 billion in assets under management and now wants to explore tokenization. The goal is to make these new financial products more accessible.

A giant lands on avalanche: snowball effect in sight?

Access to financial investment for individuals is very restricted in the United States. This in fact reserves the best products for institutional investors. The investment giant KKR (formerly Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.) wants to remedy this and officially commits with the Avalanche protocol.

The tokens available will represent the performance of the fund specializing in medical care belonging to the KKR group (Health Care Strategic Growth Fund II “HCSG II”). This ad is ” a major step forward in making institutional investment strategies more accessible to individual investors according to Carlos Domingo (CEO of Securitize).

These new cryptographic assets will be secured by Securitize Capital, a platform specializing in the management of tokenized assets. It operates on behalf of institutional investors.

“With his ability to […] increasing ease of use for individual investors, blockchain technology has the potential to play an important role in the future of private markets”

Dan Parant, Managing Director of Private Wealth at KKR

The opportunities offered by blockchain and cryptocurrencies are of increasing interest. Whether it is the private sector with the arrival institutional or the public sector and in particular the city of Buenos Aires. The Argentinian capital maintain nodes on the Ether networkeum in 2023.

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