dYdX tutorial: all about the DEX that pays you to trade cryptocurrencies

DeFi just a click away – It is quite common to think that decentralized cryptocurrency platforms allow trading derivatives simply. Not to mention the arrival of dYdXa decentralized cryptocurrency platform that allows you to benefit from juicy passive income without too much effort.

Daily volume sometimes exceeding a billion dollars, minimal fees, dYdX keeps its promises and that of the Challenge. Thanks to this video from Journal Du Coin, the platform will no longer hold any secrets for you. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, come and discover dYdX.

This video is just an appetizer! Come and discover finance with ease and trade cryptocurrencies for real by registering on dYdX (commercial link).

John R. Zepeda

I have extensive experience working as a content writer in the areas of cryptocurrencies and finance, where I create interesting pieces that both inform and engage their audiences.

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