Fall cleaning – FTX US welcomes a new boss

From Chicago to MiamiBrett Harrison leaves his position as president of FTX.US, which should soon be headed by Zach Dexterthe former director of the derivatives unit of the cryptocurrency exchange.

Brett Harrison: From President of FTX.US to Advisory Role

He had directed the growth of the unicorn. In a tweet on September 27, FTX.US President Brett Harrison announced his upcoming resignation from the company. He will transfer his responsibilities over the next few months, to “move to an advisory role”.

Publication by Brett Harrison – Source: Twitter

Brett Harrison led FTX.US for about a year and a half. He had joined the cryptocurrency exchange as chairman in May 2021, a year after the company launched in May 2020.

This departure may come as a surprise to some observers, as Brett Harrison once again discussed the growth of FTX.US, as well as his priorities for the future, in an episode of The Scoop podcast, published on September 16. In particular, he underlined the importance of regulatory clarity in the United States.

Brett Harrison’s plans remain unclear at this point. In the short term, it will assist Sam Bankman-Fried and the FTX.US team in the transition.

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After Chicago, a resident of Miami at the head of FTX.US

Brett Harrison isn’t the only one to move within FTX.US. The crypto exchange is moving its headquarters from Chicago to Miami. She had won a major marketing victory in the city last year, concluding a 19-year agreement with the team of Miami Heatwhose the stadium was renamed to FTX Arena.

And it is in this context that Zach Dexter should take the reins of the company by directing all operations. The long-time Miami resident previously held the position of Director of FTX.US’ Derivatives Unit.

He had joined the crypto exchange in October 2021, when FTX.US was finalizing theacquisition of LedgerXthe company where Zach Dexter then served as CEO.

Zach Dexter should therefore take over and manage the ongoing projects, which concern both the day-to-day operation of FTX.US and the company’s growth projects. He comes to the head of the crypto exchange at a time when the regulation of the sector in the United States experienced important advanceswith notably submission of agency reports on this subject to the White House.

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