Grayscale Bitcoin Trust: Arkham Intelligence Investigates

A cryptographic treasure that Grayscale Bitcoin Trust has skillfully concealed. Akham Intelligence, in its role as the Sherlock Holmes of the blockchain, has focused its attention on the wallets maintained by the massive Grayscale company. They would have been able to identify the cryptocurrencies held by the business that is currently engaged in competition for the Bitcoin ETF if they had followed the trail of these digital transactions. In addition, the total value of the assets held is staggering.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust: the BTC whale exposed by Arkham Intelligence

The company known as Arkham Intelligence has established for itself the objective of “de-sanitizing” the blockchain. This would involve the utilization of artificial intelligence in order to discover the identity of people hiding behind their anonymous wallets. In addition to the fact that this is a contentious matter, the practices in question have just now presented us with fresh insights regarding the Grayscale entity and the breadth of the implications it has for the crypto ecosystem.

In point of fact, experts from Arkham have just disclosed 1,750 digital wallet addresses that may or may not be tied to Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust. When taken together, these wallets would have a total value of $16.1 billion in BTC, which would indicate, without a shadow of a doubt, that Grayscale is a massive Bitcoin whale, specifically the second largest in terms of proportion.

Arkham Intelligence Discovers Wallets that May Have a Connection to the Grayscale Entity – Source: X

That would make another well-known whale, MicroStrategy, and its wacky CEO Michael Saylor, almost as absurd as the whale described above. The latter would contain 152,800 BTC as of the most recent count, which is equivalent to around $3.9 billion at the current pricing.

Arkham Intelligence has stated unequivocally that each individual Grayscale wallet does not store more than one thousand Bitcoins. They have more than 600,000 BTC in their possession, which is still a respectable amount to say the least.

On the other side, it has been stated that Grayscale is in control of 3.03 million ETH, which is equivalent to around $4.9 billion. A good total amount.

Grayscale GBTC on Discount: For How Long?

The Grayscale fund allows institutional investors to gain exposure to the price of Bitcoin via its GBTC trust, without the consideration of having to keep and secure them. Moreover, this exposure is done through traditional channels that investors are used to. Grayscale is currently battling the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) to see its famous trust converted into an ETF (exchange-traded fund).

Furthermore, exposure to GBTC is all the more interesting today for professionals, as GBTC is discounted compared to the true price of Bitcoin. Why is that? Simply lack of demand.

However, in the event that the SEC actually authorizes the transformation of Grayscale’s trust into an ETF, the price of its GBTC would be reindexed to that of Bitcoin, mechanically. Some investment funds were not mistaken, like that of Cathie Wood. They opted for this strategy, which remains a risky bet. Ark Invest announced that it bought GBTC last November, when it was at its lowest, hoping that it would be converted into an ETF. The shares thus acquired at a discount of around 40% can thus be resold at the cost price of 1 BTC, if successful.

Grayscale propose de s'exposer au bitcoin avec une décote de son GBTC. Une décote qui pourrait s'atténué à mesure que se confirmerai la conversion de son Trust en ETF bitcoin.
The price of GBTC in comparison to genuine Bitcoin demonstrates a possible discount that could be appealing to investors — Ycharts was the source of the data.

A wager that is high-risk but potentially lucrative, which draws investors in light of the fact that the GBTC discount appears to have diminished in recent months. In addition to this, the American regulatory body is the one that is currently being put under pressure. Investment funds of every stripe are antsy to see their exchange-traded fund (ETF) accepted. Grayscale is not to be outdone and has regained its lustre following its recent triumph in a lawsuit that opposed it to the SEC. Grayscale is not to be outdone and has regained its lustre.

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