Hack Binance: the BSC blockchain is back in service

Reboot – Pending the publication of the post mortem of the BNB Smart Chain (BSC), developers and validators are working to restart the network in the best conditions.

BSC Blockchain Hack: A Gradual Recovery and Patch Rolling Out

In a morning post from October 7 at 8:53 a.m. French time, the BNB Chain Twitter account gives news following the hack, which took place overnight from Thursday to Friday. The BNB Smart Chain is said to have been working “well for more than 20 minutes”.

Post from @BNBCHAIN ​​– Source: Twitter

A patch and a hard-fork version of the BNB Smart Chain, bearing the reference BSC v1.1.15, has been published on GitHub. Validators would coordinate to get the network back up and running.” in an hour by deploying this upgrade. The hard fork should happen at the block 21962149.

This update is mandatory for all customers. The deployment of this new version will block several addresses that are blacklisted after the hack.

In addition, following the hack, which mainly targeted the Token-hub bridge linking the BNB Beacon Chain (BEP2) and BNB Chain (BEP20 or BSC), all transfers between the two networks were suspended. Lnative cross-chain communication has been disabled.

Users who disregard this shutdown and thus continue to make cross-chain transfers, will see their frozen tokens until ” the resumption of the relays “. While waiting for the bridge to be functional again, inter-chain transfers will have to be carried out via the centralized platforms.

In the past, Binance has helped identify hackers who siphoned off cryptocurrencies from other protocols. The blockchain of Changpeng Zhao’s crypto exchange, which this time finds itself under fire, and the team must react quickly to secure its network, victims of a massive attack. The Binance boss also communicated to reassure all his customers that their funds are safe.

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