Shiba more popular than Ethereum? The crypto with dog among the most searched on Google

We don’t always have the place we deserve – The most useful (and solid) cryptos are not necessarily the most highlighted. Nor the most sought after. It’s the shiba which interests the most, even before Ethereum.

A rather surprising classification

This is demonstrated by a study recent, published by AskGamblers. Made on theEurope and Russiathe study that analyzed the terms of Google searches, shows that despite everything, against all odds, the Bitcoin stay number one. In 21 countries, the term Bitcoin is the most searched, well ahead of all others. But, while the ranking in terms of marketcap (excluding stablecoins) lets appear in its top 3 Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and BNBthe order of the most searched cryptocurrencies does not correspond to this ranking at all.

Indeed, the second most sought-after crypto is the famous dog-headed (shit)coin, the shiba inus (SHIB). The token is at the top of searches in 7 countrieswith in particular the UKthe Russiathe France and theItaly.

Country Ranking – Askgamblers

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Two dogs present in the top 5

Ethereum only comes in third place, with 4 countries, and is followed immediately by Cardano (ADA) which occupies the fourth place. It is thanks in particular to the Netherlandsthe Bulgaria and Andorra that ADA, the blockchain you love or hate, ranks ahead of its competitors.
It is closely followed by another (shit) corner with a dog’s head, the forerunner of fashion, the Dogecoin (DOGE).

While it occupies the 3ᵉ place (excluding stablecoins) of Coinmarketcap, the BNB is not part of the sought-after cryptocurrencies, nor is XRP, Solana (GROUND) or Polkadot (DOWRY)

With its reputation as creators of billionaires, the Shiba manages to move from third to second on this type of ranking. Will we see this dog face meme take the number one spot next year? Hopefully not, that would be really sad.

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