The French state bullish on Ethereum? EDF reveals to operate 150 nodes of the ETH network

The Merge tricolor – One of the biggest validators ofEthereum (ETH) is French and would be none other thanEDFwhich manages more than 150 nodes there via its subsidiary Exaion.

EDF and Ethereum: hand in hand after The Merge

According to an October 11 article by The Big WhaleEDF’s web 3 subsidiary, Exaion, currently runs 10 nodes on Ethereum. This figure goes up over 150by integrating into the account, the nodes that the company manages for its customers, which include the French crypto company Just Mining.

Although Exaion is the subsidiary of an energy giant, its CEO and co-founder, Fatih Balyelisays his company would instead support “third-generation protocols that consume little energy”.

The mining of bitcoins (BTC) would thus not be on the program, given the relatively large amount of energy which is necessary for its extraction and which would constitute a “insurmountable obstacle”.

In addition to Ethereum, Exaion acts as a validator on other blockchains, including Tezos (XTZ), Cosmos (ATOM) and Avalanche (AVAX).

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The Merge or the resurgence of the fear of centralization

Given the number of nodes that Exaion manages on Ethereum, the EDF subsidiary is then today theone of the greatest validators of the network.

While some defenders of the French crypto ecosystem may welcome this news, others may fear centralization from Ethereum after The Merge. The giants could take control of the network, with massive investments, after this switch from proof of work to proof of stake.

What about the decentralization of Ethereum after The Merge?

A few days before The Merge, 64% of all ETH locked on the beacon chain were stupidtrolled by 5 major staking pools.

Who said that France was absent subscribers during The Merge? The French blockchain and crypto ecosystem continues to evolve over the years, with giants like EDF plunging into it, or even this tricolor bank launching services for asset managers offering funds based on cryptocurrencies.

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