The Sandbox: Hacking and (Fake) Monkey Hiring – Busy Week for the Pixelated Metaverse

Security is a constant concern, whatever platform you use. And despite the implementation of important measures, the Sandbox has been hacked.

Rent your monkey NFT for 40 ETH! The good business !

the 2FA, this measure which involves having to go through a third-party application to authenticate, is an obligation today to secure an account. But unfortunately, even this measure can be circumvented, the team of Sandbox had proof of it.

In general, it is Discord that is targeted for attacks of the type phishing. But this time, it was on Instagram that the hacker managed to bypass security.

He took the opportunity to promote an event (bogus of course) to win a “land” on Sandbox. According to Sebastien Borget, co-founder of Sandbox, the smart guy didn’t stop there. He allegedly contacted several followers of the account who sport a profile picture with one of the famous monkeys of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. He would have offered to rent their NFT against an amount of 40 ether (about $68,000). The owners, in exchange for this amount, allowed him to use their NFT for 24 hours.

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Effective security measures… in normal times

According to its creator, the Sandbox managed to regain control of its Instagram account very quickly, thanks to the security team of the social network platform. They were able to to correct the profile link, which the hacker had modified, and to delete fake “lottery” messages.

The Sandbox team would work with that of Instagram to understand how the hacker was able to circumvent the means of protection, and therefore the 2FAin order to be able to correct a potential security vulnerability.

It is not currently known if the phishing has caused many victims, in any case one of the Instagram users announced to have clicked on the link, and lost NFTs.

Whatever account you follow, famous or not, always be very, very careful about the links given to you. Even more when they arrive in MP (like for the rental of NFT monkeys), or when the account that offers you a contest does not do so in the usual way. It is better to miss a real opportunity, than to be puncture his wallet ! Stay careful!

Stay away from spammers and scammers. Avoid too-good-to-be-true offers like the plague and get into the habit of being healthy with suspicion. On the other hand, also learn to place reasonable trust in respectable and recognized players in the ecosystem. The FTX platform falls without a shadow of a doubt into this second category. Come acquire and trade your first bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Register on FTX. You will benefit from a lifetime discount on your transaction fees (commercial link).

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