Tutorial: Earn NFTs by participating in the Optimism Quest program

Free NFTs on Optimism – Optimism is one of Ethereum’s most popular second-layer solutions. Launched in January 2021, it now wants to familiarize users with its ecosystem. Thus, Optimism has just unveiled Optimism Quest a series of quests with the key to NFT as a reward.

Optimism: layer 2 is on the rise

As we have seen recently, Optimism is a second-layer solution of Ethereum. Thus, its objective is to deport part of the transactions outside the Ethereum main chain, in order to reduce congestion and improve scalability.

To do this, Optimism relies on the Optimistic Rollup. This solution makes it possible to operate an environment similar to Ethereum. In addition, it inherits the security of Ethereum by regularly publishing the state of the system in compressed form on the Ethereum mainnet.

More than a year after its launch, Optimism is currently the second layer 2 in terms of value deposited through its protocols. Thus, more than 1.3 billion dollars in cryptocurrencies evolve on layer 2.

Evolution of Optimism’s TVL over the last year.

Optimism Quest: free NFTs to explore the network

Now that its network has reached a certain maturity, Optimism wishes to familiarize its users with all the protocols it hosts.

Thus, like the Odyssey program launched by Arbitrum, Optimism has announced the launch of Optimism Quest.

Annonce d'Optimism Quest sur Twitter.
Annonce d’Optimism Quest sur Twitter.

« We are always looking for opportunities to make Optimism more accessible to new and experienced users. That’s why we’re excited to announce the Optimism Quest: a guided exploration of the ecosystem that allows users to earn NFTs while exploring the applications of Optimism! »

Obviously, at Journal du Coin, we could not miss the opportunity to help our readership win some NFTs for free.

In addition, participating in this program could well open rights to the next OP token airdrops planned by the Optimism teams. One more reason to diligently carry out the various quests developed by Optimism. Indeed, 14% of the total OP token supply has yet to be distributed as an airdrop to the community.

Thus, we are going to accompany you in all of these quests via a series of three articles. In each of these articles, we will explore, step by step, the main protocols deployed on Optimism.

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New to Optimism: the first series of quests in Optimism Quest

For the first article in this series, we will be doing the first series of quests called “New to Optimism”. In total, we will interact with 4 different protocols, namely Stargate, PoolTogether, Uniswap and Quix.

Les quatre quêtes qui composent "New to Optimism".
The four quests that make up “New to Optimism”.

Add Optimism to Metamask

First of all, make sure you have a Metamask wallet that has at least 100 USDC. In our case, we will start with a wallet that holds 100 USDC and 0.1 ETH. Indeed, several steps require the use of amounts greater than $100 and ETH will pay network fees on Optimism.

Once your Ethereum wallet is ready, you will also need to add the Optimism network to Metamask.

To do this, you can either use the Chainlist tool to automatically add the information, or manually add the following information to your Metamask:

Network name: Optimistic Ethereum
Chain ID: 10
Currency: ETH

Once the Optimism network has been successfully added to your Metamask wallet, we can begin.

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Stargate: send funds on Optimism

To use Optimism, we need to send funds to the second layer. Good news, this is the first quest in this series.

To start the quest, it is necessary to go to the dedicated page of the Optimism site. This quest will take place in four stages, during which we will learn more about Stargate and perform certain actions.

Optimism Quest 1 : envoyer des fonds via Stargate.

Optimism Quest 1: Send funds through Stargate.

Understanding Stargate: The Quiz

First, this quest tells us more about Stargate. Indeed, Stargate is a bridge protocol that allows funds to be sent between various blockchains.

In total, Stargate allows to connect 7 blockchains, namely Optimism, Arbitrum, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon and Fantom.

For the first step of this quest, you will have to answer two questions about Stargate, the answers are in the presentation we have just made.

Once the quiz is solved, we can move on to the next step.

Send funds on Optimism

For this step, we need to transfer over $100 in USDC to Optimism using Stargate Bridge. In our case, the funds will come from Arbitrum, however, you can send them from any blockchain supported by Stargate.

To do this, we will go to the Stargate site, in the transfer section. Once on the site, we will send at least 100 USDC selecting Arbitrum as the source blockchain and Optimism as the destination blockchain.

We also advise you to send some ETH to be able to pay the network fees once on Optimism.

Envoie des USDC depuis Arbitrum vers Optimism.
Sends USDC from Arbitrum to Optimism.

You can then approve, confirm the transfer and sign the transaction. In practice, the transfer will take about 5 minutes before the funds are available on Optimism.

Once the transfer is finalized, we can return to the Optimism site to validate the quest and recover our precious NFT.

Cliquez sur Get NFT pour récupérer votre récompense de quête.
Click Get NFT to collect your quest reward.

Note, however, that the snapshot of the progress of the quests is made every hour. Thus, a delay of 1 to 2 hours may be encountered to be able to claim the NFT.

PoolTogether: the lottery without a loser

For the second quest of this initiation series, we will explore the PoolTogether protocol.

Optimism Quest 2 : utiliser PoolTogether.
Optimism Quest 2: Using PoolTogether.

Understanding PoolTogether: the quiz

Born on Ethereum, the PoolTogether protocol offers a concept that is surprising to say the least: a lottery with no losers. Indeed, users can send funds on the protocol to participate in the lottery. Funds from all participants are then deposited into a lending protocol to generate a return.

After some time, a winner is drawn. This recovers all the returns generated by the funds deposited by the participants as well as its stake. For their part, the rest of the participants recover their initial bet.

This protocol is open source. At the same time, it has decentralized governance managed by POOL token holders. Its decentralization is a strength, as it allows its integration by other protocols, without having to worry about a change in the rules by a centralized body.

As for the previous quest, you will be offered a quiz to see if you have understood what PoolTogether is. Once again, the answers are present in the presentation above.

Participate in the PoolTogether lottery

The first step in this quest is to follow PoolTogether’s account on Twitter. Consider doing it.

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter, trying our luck in this decentralized lottery.

So, go to the PoolTogether website, connect your wallet and select the Optimism network.

Once on the site, we will participate in the next draw by depositing 21 USDC on the protocol. Be careful, you must deposit at least 20 USDC to complete the quest.

Dépôt de notre participation à la loterie de PoolTogether.
Deposit of our participation in the PoolTogether lottery.

Once the fields are filled in, you can check and confirm your deposit. All that remains is to sign the transaction and your participation in the lottery will be effective.

Participation à PoolTogether effective.
Participation in PoolTogether effective.

Once your participation is finalized, we can return to the Optimism site to validate the quest and retrieve our NFT.

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Uniswap: the unicorn of decentralized exchanges

For the third step of this questline, we are going to look at the Uniswap protocol.

Optimism Quest 3 : effectuer des swaps sur Uniswap.
Optimism Quest 3: Perform swaps on Uniswap.

Understanding Uniswap: the quiz

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform initially deployed on Ethereum. This allows you to exchange (swap) tokens between them.

Additionally, it is possible to provide liquidity to the protocol and be rewarded via a portion of the protocol fee. Finally, Uniswap provides an analysis interface that allows you to monitor the status of liquidity pools.

You are starting to get used to it, a quiz is offered to you to see if you have understood what Uniswap is. No need to tie your brain in knots, the answers are in the presentation above.

Trading Cryptocurrency on Uniswap

For this quest, we will have to perform two swaps of at least $20 on the Uniswap protocol.

To do this, we will go to the Uniswap site, connect our wallet and select the Optimism network.

In our case, we will perform two swaps:

Swap 30 USDC to ETH;
Swap our ETH to 30 USDC.

Swap de 30 USDC en ETH sur Uniswap.
The swap of 30 USDC into ETH on Uniswap.

You will then have to approve the USDC, make the exchange and finally validate the transaction on your Metamask wallet.

Don’t forget to perform the reverse swap to be eligible for the quest.

Once the two swaps have been completed, we can return to the Optimism site to validate the quest and retrieve our NFT.

Quix: Optimism’s NFT platform

To end this questline, we will explore the NFT Quix trading platform.

Optimism Quest 4 : acheter un NFT sur Quix.
Optimism Quest 4: buy an NFT on Quix.

Understanding Quix: the quiz

Quix is ​​an NFT buying and selling platform hosted on the Optimism Network. However, it offers various innovative features:

A no-code NFT launchpad;
A rarity calculator for NFTs;
A floor sweep feature that allows you to buy NFTs at their floor price.

It’s your turn ! Thanks to the presentation we have just made, answer the quiz proposed by Optimism Quest.

Buy an NFT on Quix

Let’s go to the test. First of all, follow the official Quix project account on Twitter.

For this quest we will have to go to the Quix site and buy an NFT worth more than 0.0099 ETH.

Once on the Quix site, all you have to do is find an NFT to your liking and whose price is greater than 0.0099 ETH.

To do this, you can sort the platform’s NFTs by price to be sure to buy an NFT that is eligible.

Trier les NFT par prix sur Quix.
Sort NFTs by price on Quix.

Once your NFT has been purchased, you can return to the quest page and collect your quest reward NFT.

Once again, verifications are not instantaneous. If you can’t collect your reward NFT, wait a few hours.

Conclusion of the first stage of Optimism Quest

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the first 4 quests of Optimism Quest! You should have in your possession the first 4 NFTs of this program on Optimism.

In addition, these actions performed on Optimism may make you eligible for future OP token airdrops. Yes, why not add some gains to the knowledge you have acquired.

On our side, we will be back soon with two additional articles, to accompany you in the continuation of the quests of Optimism Quest which will make you unbeatable on the ecosystem of Optimism.

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