Amazement in the small world of Bitcoin: the boss of Kraken bows out

Jesse Powell, indestructible boss of the crypto platform Kraken, announces that he is leaving his position as CEO of the company he created 12 years ago, in the prime youth of Bitcoin. However, the person concerned retains the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors. It is replaced by David Ripley.

Change of life for one of the pioneers of Bitcoin

Take a step back to better serve the cause? In the business world, turnover is usual, even healthy. But, some personalities end up embodying an entire ecosystem on their own so much that their departure, or their change of functions, represent small earthquakes.

So it is with Michael Sayloremblematic boss of MicroStrategy and Chief Bitcoiner, whose recent withdrawal has made an impression. Today is the turn of Jesse Powell, CEO of the benchmark crypto platform Kraken know that the time has come for him to move on.

Good news, in the same way as Michael Saylor who actually discharged his executive responsibilities only to better focus on Microstrategy’s Bitcoin strategy, Powell intends to continue serving the Bitcoin cause:

“For me, it’s mostly about spending more time on the things I’m good at and love to do. Like working on product and industry advocacy”

In other words, while the need for the crypto industry to have political levers, and to form a common front through lobbying in particular, is becoming more and more pressing, it is very possible that Jesse Powell leaves his position in the company he founded in 2011 to have free rein to defend the industry in more strategic circles.

David Ripley, who currently serves as Kraken’s chief operating officer, will assume the role of CEO in the coming months. Powell will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board.

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