Bitcoin at its lowest, Ethereum at its highest: The Merge reverses the trend on Google

Trend ? – At this time, all all eyes are on The Mergethe transition fromEthereum (ETH) towards a consensus Proof of Stake (PoS). To the point that the king of cryptos, Bitcoin (BTC), appears to be shunned by crypto-investors. In any case, this is what the trend monitoring tool seems to tell us, Google Trends.

Searches “buy Bitcoin” at the lowest, those on “The Merge” at the highest

Now there is only a short time left before fusion blockchains from Ethereum, The Mergewhich will combine the old (and current) ecosystem in Proof of Work (PoW), with that of the beacon chain, already in Proof of Stake.

The maneuver, although prepared for a long time, remains very delicate and complex. The slightest misstep would be badly perceived by observers, both internal and external to the cryptosphere. To the point that, obviously, we would almost forget Bitcoin !

the site Google Trends makes it possible to monitor the intensity of key words are searched in Google. The observation drawn from the graph below is clear. Searching for the term “buy bitcoin” (buy bitcoin) stagnates, or even a slight decrease. Conversely, the number of searches for keywords ethereum merge in Google explode literally the last few weeks!

Searches for The Merge now exceed interest in Bitcoin – Source:

If searches for The Merge have soared to overtake those for buying Bitcoin for now, it will be noticed that it is a very recent phenomenon. Indeed, looking to buy bitcoins overall seems like a underlying trendat a time sustained and sustainable. Speaking of regularity in the purchase of BTC, the company MicroStrategy struck again, announcing its wish to buy for $500 million in Bitcoin.

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