Connecting your crypto wallet to Meta and Instagram: the novelty that sends shivers down your spine

Link your wallet to a social network? – After a first arrival of non-fungible tokens (NFT) on Instagram and Meta last August, it was the American crypto enthusiasts who were going to be able to interconnect their wallets to Mark Zuckerberg’s two social networks. For your good? Not sure.

Between early August for Instagramand at the end of August for Meta (formerly Facebook), the non-fungible tokens have appeared in the profiles and messages of the two social networks. Crypto wallets like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet or Dapper can be related to personal Meta and Instagram accounts.

This September 29, 2022, the two companies of Mark Zuckerberg announce that their users residing in United States will also be able to connect their digital wallet.

They can publish their “digital collectibles” (understand, their NFT) simultaneously on both Instagram and Meta (cross post). The announcement clarifies that this dual post feature is now also open for 100 countries who could already share their unique tokens on Instagram.

As to whether to give his crypto-financial personal data to such American social networks is a good idea… Let us simply recall the scandal of the use of user data by Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. He had been one of the reasons given for putting a blow (which will turn out fatal) to Mark Zuckerberg’s cryptocurrency projects – Librabecame diembefore being definitively liquidated.

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