From Bitcoin to Nothingness – Craig Wright and the Proof of Nothing Consensus

“Oops, I slipped boss! » If only the oldest will have immediately recognized this quote from the blunders of the “7th company”, know that it is also (in summary) the Craig Wright’s latest strategy. In fact, he would have unfortunately destroyed hard drive… It’s too bad ! The most famous of the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto however claims that it is precisely this one who would have made it possible to prove (finally) that he is the creator of Bitcoin (BTC).

Hodlonaut trial: for daring to say “Craig Wright is a fraud”

Craig S. Wright (CSW) continues to multiply the lawsuits to try to prove that it would be none other than Satoshi Nakamotothe mysterious inventor of Bitcoin. If he sometimes wins symbolic victories over his detractors, he is above all described as person prone to easy forgery by many judges.

One of his umpteenth trials recently opened in Norway. He opposes him to the one who was known by his pseudonym of “Hodlonaut” on Twitter – Magnus Granath, real name. The latter had had the courage to designate CSW as ” a crook “ and ” fraud “ in March 2019.

But back to the new “defense system” by Craig Wright, who is notably reported by CoinDesk: it has “trampled the hard drive”. This hard drive stomping session allegedly happened in 2016. Cryptography experts had shown that his digital signature bluff (to prove he was Satoshi) was: totally misleading.

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“I destroyed the keys so I wouldn’t have to prove I have the keys”

Small aside: the behavior of Craig Wright is painful to see, for himself. Whether he is a compulsive liar, or unfortunately the real Satoshi, his inability to prove his claims in 7 years (since 2016) is in itself a very sad story.

This small clarification was necessary, because here is the continuation, and it is full-bodied. CSW destroyed this hard disk which would have (supposedly) made it possible to prove in an irrefutable way that he is Satoshi. He didn’t want to be forced…to prove it!

Could Craig Wright be Satoshi Nakamoto? 7 years later he still can’t prove it.

“I stomped on the hard drive. (…) It was the only way. (…) I didn’t mean to encourage arguments that you need the private keys [pour prouver être Satoshi]. (…) Yes, you could say it was a risk, but I think it’s the most important thing I’ve done in my life. »

One moment: without especially wanting to insinuate anything against CSW (given its penchant for lawsuits), but our suitor-Nakamoto had not promised us a magical courier with access to Satoshi’s private keys in… 2020!!! Keys of which he would therefore have destroy access (along with his hard drive) 4 years before, in 2016 – at least according to his new statements of 2022. So, did Craig Wright lie in 2020, or now in 2022? (or both…)

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