“The euro is depreciating, inflation will last”: Christine Lagarde sounds the alert, Bitcoin is fed up

Save the euro at all costs! – As in all areas that have abused the use of “accommodating policies” of their central bank (understand, the money board), the Eurozone is subject to a high inflation which is around 9%. The President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagardeclearly seems to prefer to take care of the euro, rather than European households.

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Christine Lagarde wants to let inflation express itself fully

Speaking on September 26, 2022 before the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee of Parliament, Christine Lagarde of course raised the issue of inflation galloping trend affecting the countries of the European monetary union.

As the reports notably Reuters, the President of the European Central Bank (ECB) would like restrict the various tax shields and others price freezes that states are putting in place to lessen the impact of inflation on households.

“It is essential that the fiscal support used to protect these households from the impact of rising prices is temporary and targeted. (…) This limits the risk of fueling inflationary pressures, which also facilitates the task of monetary policy. »

If households are strangled by price rises, particularly in energy because of anti-Russian sanctions, that is not the most serious thing. And, even if it means slowing down growth, Christine Lagarde also announces that the ECB will continue to raise interest rates. Like the Federal Reserve (Fed) in the United States, which is forced to raise rates to fight inflation, even if it means falling financial marketsthe crypto market understood.

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