Web3: The Opera browser integrates the Elrond blockchain

One more in the collection! – Opera is in the process of building a browser totally dedicated to Web3, and is chaining blockchain integrations. Today it’s Elrond who joins the stable.

Include them all!

The browser has already integrated Ethereum, Bitcoin, polygon and the BNB Chain. Opera continues its work and has announced that it wants to include the blockchain Elrond.

The purpose of this integration is to provide users with a more simplemore practice and especially more secure than the functioning that they can currently know.

With the explosion in the number of blockchains, and therefore associated wallets, users can easily get lost. The fact of having to download a specific application is also a brake to the use of blockchains, and Web3 in general.

By integrating these different blockchains, natively in its browser, Opera has understood what users expect. Thus, he does everything to seduce them.

With this integration, browser users will have access to the Elrond Standard Digital Token (ESDT). This is the standard set up for the issuance of tokens on the Elrond blockchain. Thanks to this operation, there will no longer be a need for a third-party wallet. All transactions and creations can be done live on Opera.

With over 300 million users, this integration is a huge spotlight on Elrond. Indeed, the network will take advantage of this highlighting of Opera to try to attract new fans.

Our goal is to be an understandable and secure entry point to the Web3 for anyone interested in crypto. This also means that we have provided a portfolio selection function. It allows our users to choose which wallet they want to use to interact with a particular DApp. »

Danny Yao- Product Manager at Opera

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What about security on Opera?

If you follow the news, you can see that not a day goes by without a hack does not take place. All means are good ! Whether on corporate social networks, on a browser, a wallet or even on a bridge. The question of security is therefore paramount.. Especially when the same browser natively integrates access to different blockchains. This essential point has, of course, been taken into account.

We have a secure clipboard. It protects our users’ data when they copy and paste sensitive data, such as wallet addresses or bank account numbers. »

Danny Yao

With a strong ecological image – this blockchain is the first in Europe to announce a responsible and negative carbon footprint – Elrond could attract new users. Opera would combine the positive image of the blockchain and its ease of use via the browser.

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